5 Fall, Floral Tips You Will Definitely Want To Know!

Jewel tone flowers Photo Credit: Saul Metnick

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I’ve partnered up with B Floral’s, owner and lead floral designer, Bronwen Smith to bring you her top fall, floral tips. I’m super excited because you know a girl loooovvveeeess her flowers!

So without further ado, let’s see what she had to say!

leafwrap flower tip

leafwrap floral tip Photo Credit: Dyad Photography

  1. A memorable fall gathering encompasses all aspects of an event, including a festive tablescape. From table settings to floral arrangements, no detail should be overlooked. Florals in various fall hues such as golden yellow, burnt orange, and deep red are perfect options, but adding a unique twist to an arrangement will transform your dining table. A summer trend such as a leaf wrapped vase can be carried into fall as long as you add seasonal flowers in fall hues.

jewel flower tips

jewel tones floral tips Photo Credit: Saul Metnick

  1. Color is essential to any fall tablescape! A rich color palette will tie-in the theme of your gathering along with the essence of autumn. Jewel tones in hues of purple and magenta are perfect for both decor and florals. Mix delicate flowers such as roses and tulips with natural elements such as succulents and fresh berries for contrast. For an extra fall touch, scatter an assortment of gourds throughout your table runner and within your table settings.

B Floral Flower Tips

B Floral Floral Tips Photo Credit: Saul Metnick

  1. Texture is a crucial component to keep in mind as you design a fall tablescape. There is an abundance of seasonal florals with rich texture such protea, cockscomb, and dahlia that will make a statement. For an out-of-the-box design element, create a table runner using a base of moss and add textured florals in clusters along your table. A natural table runner will make a tablescape come to life and be the focal point of your dining table.

volume flower tips

dyad_volume_floral_tips Photo Credit: Dyad Photography

  1. If you want to add florals to elevate different entertaining spaces throughout your home, focus on volume. The key to creating an eye-catching arrangement is through the use of volume and depth. Use multiple varieties of greenery, such as eucalyptus, to place throughout your arrangement for a natural and fragrant filler. When it comes to creating your arrangement, place florals and greenery in various heights and shapes to achieve a robust statement piece.

monochromatic floral tips

monochromatic flower tips Photo Credit: Dyad Photography

  1. Add a sophisticated seasonal touch to any centerpiece by highlighting a single design element such as color. While creating monochromatic arrangements, you can choose to include florals of the same or differing varieties as long as they remain in the same hue. Sleek flowers such as calla lilies or textured varieties such as dahlia and marigold are perfect options to achieve this look and complete your fall tablescape.

I hope you guys find these floral tips useful and go ahead and take a stab at them the next time you’re hosting a fall p-a-r-t-a-e! As always if you do, don’t forget to tag me or use the #eventfashionista hashtag. Can’t wait to see!

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