7 Themed Parties You’ll Want To Host!

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From time to time and if you’re anything like me, it’s more like every other weekend — don’t judge me — we host a good ol’ cocktail party! However, lately I’ve been thinking about taking it up a notch. You know, giving it a nice twist. Spicing things up!

So, after some extensive research I came up with a list of seven themed parties that I can’t believe I’ve never hosted before. They are perfect and still allow me to have some delicious, festive cocktails. After all, I must adhere to my life’s motto—“Spend life wisely . . . mainly on expensive booze!”

Without further ado, here are my picks!

1. Host a Game Night Party—With the craze of Cards Against Humanity (a game that I recently played for the first time), I thought I’d host a party where cocktails and adult conversation were the only two things allowed. So kids, there’s always next time, sorry! Not a Cards Against Humanity fan and need something more kid friendly, no fear game night can involve any game. Options like poker, Jenga (one of my favorites), or Monopoly can be just as fun!

2. Host a Breakfast at Midnight Party—Skip the fancy appetizers and serve bite size French toast or egg and bacon sandwiches instead. Since, breakfast is my favorite meal I thought this themed party was genius. As cocktail options, think coffee inspired drinks (like these coffee cocktail recipes) and you are well on your way!

3. Host a Blind Wine Tasting Party—A girl loves her wine and that girl would be me! So, hosting a party, where each guests brings a bottle of wine and then everyone breaks up into two groups and takes turns blind tasting them, including guessing color and type is my kind of p-a-r-t-a-e! My pick, Riesling of course! No party can go without it!

4. Host a Cooking Class Dinner Party—I’ve actually done this one before and have just been meaning to do it again. It was so much fun when I did it last time and actually not as expensive as I thought it would be. We used Kitchensurfing. They came in, we cooked, they cleaned and the meal was amazing! A perfect way to celebrate any occasion!

5. Host a Spa Party—This one is definitely for the ladies! Go out and buy manicure and pedicure essentials like nail polishes, nail polish remover, nail files, etc. You can even find traveling mani/pedi kits at places like Sephora. Host a girl’s day of pampering and don’t forget the champagne because without it, it wouldn’t be a party!

6. Christmas Tree Trimming Party—My obsession with Christmas goes without saying and when a friend of mine decided to host a ‘tree trimming’ party that consisted of decorating a store bought tree (we live in an urban area), appetizers, cocktails and each guest bringing their own ornament, I thought I need to host one of my very own. It’s the perfect way to welcome in the Christmas season. Here’s my ornament pick that I’ll be gifting and hanging on my friend’s Christmas tree! Perfect!

7. Host a come as you were party—This is an amazing idea! Hosting this party consist of everyone recreating their “back in the day” signature look. So did you grow up wearing a staple pair of glasses? Or had a specific hair cut? Or better yet consistently wore what you thought was the perfect outfit? Well, it’s time to grab those wigs and bifocals and get to partying. As for me, glasses and bangs—my staple look. If you need options, places like Pinterest, Party City and Etsy will surely help you find your look.

Hope these seven themed parties get you in the festive mood. As always, if you host any of these let me know and send pics!

Till next time!



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