Shop Talk!

An Event Fashionista’s guide to Fashionable Entertaining!

Let’s be honest you only need a few goodies to throw a fashionable dinner party.

So,  I thought I’d do a little research on “your” behalf for some spring inspiration! Okay, who am I kidding?! Drum roll, pleaseeeee… I bring you my spur of the moment, can’t live without it , Crate & Barrel shopping spree (I promise that this isn’t a sponsored plug!). I’m really just obsessed with ALL their stuff! And I mean ALL their stuff!

spring An Event Fashionista’s guide to Fashionable Entertaining!


Here’s to dining in style, spring style!

1. A Splash of Color! Look at these fabulous dinner plates and lime green napkins! Yes, lime green napkins! They are too die for! {Besides, after this horrible winter weather New York City has seen, nothing screams spring than a splash of pure brightness!}

2. Fashionable flatware. I mean it’s a must. What event fashionista doesn’t DINE for these?!

3. Stylish Serving at it’s best! This amazing oval platter is what got me into this mess to begin with. And yes, the pitcher was impromptu!

4. And after the pitcher, came the vase! How could I contain myself?! Plus with peonies (my favorite!) oh hand, it was a no brainer!

So, here’s to a thumbs down for my wallet, but a double thumbs up for Crate & Barrel! Salud!

Entertaining~ Dinner Plates: Crate&Barrel ~ Flatware: Crate&Barrel ~ Serving Platter: Crate&Barrel ~ Vase: Crate&Barrel ~ Napkins: Crate&Barrel ~ Pitcher: Crate&Barrel

Endlessly Elated,


Fashionable Photo Credits {& Obsession}~ Crate & Barrel


Event Fashionista Must Haves for Hosting Happy Hour!

As you all know I live to fashionably entertain! So, here are a few Event Fashionista essentials to hosting happy hour, which I must admit I do quite often!

ee 1 Event Fashionista Must Haves for Hosting Happy Hour!

1. A Bar Cart {It’s an event fashionista’s mobile party!}

2. A selection of your favorite cocktails {After all, it is happy hour!}

3. Fabulous Champagne Flutes /Wine Glasses/Beer mugs {Whatever works! We need you feeling Endlessly Elated!}

4. Fashionable Coasters {Gals, dress up your drinks like you would yourselves! We are fashionably entertaining!}

5. A fabulous outfit {It is clear that we need no excuse!}

 Chin! Chin! Cocktail O’clock has arrived!

Endlessly Elated,



A Valentine’s Day Picnic!

Valentine’s day is less than a week away and fashionably celebrating it, is a must!

So, I re-created one of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories. Many years ago, in our very first apartment, my fifi surprised me with a romantic picnic.  For any of you who live in the NYC area, know oh-to-well how cold it can be outside.  So, his idea of bringing the picnic inside was just perfection!

To surprise him on this Valentine’s Day (onto our eighth one, yikes!), I stole his idea and decided to glam it up. After all, I wouldn’t be an event fashionista if I didn’t do so! In planning this mini soiree, there was no question that breakfast would trump dinner as the ideal meal to serve.

Fun fact: I have a slight obsession with breakfast foods! Don’t we all?!

MG 3278 A Valentines Day Picnic!

I settled on making my mom’s famous french toast recipe and spiced it up by adding some strawberries, bananas and pecans. Yummy!

MG 3421 A Valentines Day Picnic! MG 3339 A Valentines Day Picnic!

I then ran to my local bakery for some scones, croissants and muffins (crumb cake-my favorite!) I also managed to make a quick stop at Dunkin’ for their Valentine’s Day “Cupid” Donuts.

Another Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with cooking and entertaining and I will put on my event fashionista hat at the drop of a dime. However, when it comes to baking definitely not my cup of tea. Hence, my outing.  Yikes!

As for décor, I chose, creams, reds, pinks, and golds as my color palette. I thought it would be fun and keep within the Valentine’s Day spirit. Plus, my sparkly gold champagnes glasses are a must!  Ok, ok. Truthfully it gives us an excuse to have one or maybe two mimosas!

MG 3275 A Valentines Day Picnic!

And lastly the fashion! Since, I was home I wanted to be comfy with a touch of glam. So, I decided to JEAN it out and wear a jean shirt and denim jeans. For the glamming part, I put on my fabulous bib necklace (certainly my latest obsession!) and voila. I was ready to celebrate!

MG 3356 A Valentines Day Picnic!

Until the next shindig!

Entertaining~ Dinner Plates: West Elm ~ Flatware: West Elm ~ Champagne Glasses: Anthropologie ~ Mugs: Anthropologie {Sold out, sorry! But here are similar ones} ~ Throw & Bread Bowl: Home Goods

Fashion~ Jeans: J. Crew ~ Shirt: Target (old) ~ Necklace: Bauble Bar

Endlessly Elated,



It’s a Birthday Bash!!

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my big 31! No surprise here since I’m obsessed with hosting fashionable celebrations! You know, the kind that gives you an excuse to entertain and wear an amazing outfit when doing so! Ahhh, it’s like music to my ears!

So in true #eventfashionista fashion I thought I’d share some of my simple to-do’s when hosting a birthday bash.

For starters, table décor should be fun. I chose creams, golds, and paid homage to the color of the year: Radiant Orchid. It was all about the sparkle!

kathy 34 Its a Birthday Bash!! kathy 22 Its a Birthday Bash!!

The birthday cake is a staple. Jazz it up and let be a focal point! Sweet Therapy Treats provided my fabulous cake and I will say it was Y-U-M-M-Y! Not to mention, the red velvet cupcakes. My favorite! {And, who says you can’t blow out the candles, twice?!}

kathy 28 Its a Birthday Bash!!


kathy 37 Its a Birthday Bash!!

Cocktails, are everything! Always! Yes, always!  So, drink up!

kathy 49 Its a Birthday Bash!!

And lastly, but certainly not LEAST…the FASHION! I mean let’s be honest it is my life’s mission to bring fashionable entertaining to everyone’s home! And by fashionable entertaining I mean fashion meets entertaining. On this occasion I chose something more edgy (since everything else was so girly!). A leather dress, a bib necklace and some fabulous shoes! You can’t go wrong.

kathy 39 Its a Birthday Bash!!

Can’t wait to hear how you all played event fashionistas at your birthday bashes! Share your stories soon!

Entertaining~ Dinner Plates: West Elm ~ Flatware: West Elm ~ Champagne Glasses: Anthropologie ~ Mugs: Anthropologie {Sold out, sorry! But here are similar ones} ~ Cheers Coasters: Neiman Marcus ~ Champagne Flutes: Pier 1Imports

Fashion~ Dress: ASOS ~ Shoes: Christian Louboutin ~ Necklace: J.Crew ~ Bracelet: Lia Sophia {old}

Endlessly Elated,



Telemundo NYC Thanksgiving Table Scape

Telemundo Thanksgiving Table Scape

I was recently invited to be on #Telemundo for a feature on a Thanksgiving table scape. I mean how could I say no?! Event design and spreading holiday cheer count me in! Anyone who knows me would tell you that there are three things I live for: Event Design, Christmas (who am I kidding any holiday and for that matter any celebration) & Fashion! So, when one of the biggest broadcasting companies called I SHOWED UP.

And in honor of continuing my holiday cheer, I thought I shared some of my inspiration with my fellow #eventfashionistas—you know, those of you who live in a world where celebrations are a must and fabulous dinner parties are part of your daily repertoire. Read More

NYC Engagement

‘Tis the Season! Engagement Season that is!

I’m so excited to be heading into 2013’s official engagement season and hearing all the amazing proposal stories! It’s what I live for! It’s my Christmas!

So, I write this to give my future “Proposers” tips on how to get down on one knee! After all, we only get one chance to get it right! Read More

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Opportunities Come and Knockin’ At Your Door!

On Friday morning, while commuting I received a very early phone call from a dear friend, whose name I’ll keep anonymous until I get full clearance from her. Although, quite frankly too early for me (7:30 am to be exact) the phone call seemed fairly normal. I mean we do talk all the time, so receiving a phone call this early could have meant just about anything. Amongst the potential choices were: “What should I wear?,” “Did you hear that so and so got married?, ” or even the occasional “He’s on my last nerve, so I’ll be needing a cocktail after work, are you in? (I’ll say that I love her boyfriend dearly but all men do get you there, no?!)

Any who, I waited to call her back until after I got off the bus because for those of you that commute; you know very well that in the morning there is a strict unspoken, YOU DON’T GET ON YOUR CELL PHONE AND CHIT CHAT YOUR LIFE AWAY, rule! So, like the veteran commuter that I am I patiently waited before calling her back. It took all but a peep from her when I could sense it wasn’t our typical, let’s talk-to-talk conversation. Before I could even say what’s up? She came out and said that she had received an opportunity to move across the country and work for what she referred to as a Big Wig! (Side Bar—In my field, that’s a girl with thin hair like myself that wants hair extensions to create an “oh, so luscious,” Kim Kardashian look for her wedding day.) I immediately went into celebration mode, as I usually do. When are we celebrating? When should I start looking for venues, etc.? Read More

I'm Engaged 6

I’m Engaged!

Wow, I can’t believe the time has finally come! It’s official! I have a blog!

I’m so so excited at the thought of bringing all things fashionable (per my taste pallet, of course) to weddings, proposals, events—heck who am I kidding I’m an equal opportunity designer; if you are celebrating, then I’m designing! Visit Often & Always Enjoy!

Insert {my first blog post ever!}

It’s been months since I embarked on this journey and to finally see the finish product feels amazing (hope you all like the site)! There were many sleepless nights and countless back and forths with my design team (Thanks Pix-l Graphx, I owe you!) but it was all worth it at the end. Given the elapsed time, I had plenty of instances to contemplate the topic of conversation for my first blog post ever! Surely, I thought it would have to be about a fabulous wedding, or an unforgettable proposal, or better yet the latest event trends. The ongoing thoughts were nerve wrecking but as Oprah would say, I unexpectedly had an “Aha” moment. It just came to me, I would write an amazing blog post paying homage to the remarkable wedding planners/designers whom I admire so much. Those who have helped pave the way! I was sold, or so I thought!

Let’s fast forward to a week before I was set to launch my website (yes, last week!). Life always has a funny way of showing you whose boss! Nonetheless, it was your anything- but- typical Sunday morning. I had scheduled a photo shoot for my company, in which I would design all the pictures for my site. You see, some would say I’m pretty particular (wink!) but I always just say I have a certain aesthetic and I don’t settle for anything less. A girl has to stand up for what she believes, no?!

So, I’m running around like a chicken without a head (that might be an understatement) to ensure everything is perfection. After about seven hours of shooting, I was damn right exhausted but it was all done and it felt great! It was heavenly. Everything ran smoothly and worked out as planned. As I was packing up what most would say was a small house, my boyfriend (of six years) starts bugging me, okay out-right annoying me to take pictures with him. You see, if you know us you know he’s obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with pictures and I on the other hand couldn’t be farther from the opposite. If anything the only clear thought through my exhaustion was that I had realized (more like confirmed) that I am so the behind the scenes kind of gal. Long story short (I’ll confess RIGHT NOW that it’s a figure of speech in my book; it’s always a long story!) I finally agreed to take one picture. One, turned into two, and two turned into cranky me! As he realized my boiling point was near he then started to say what I thought was outrageous! “Babe, why don’t you and I recreate your engagement proposal page?” Say what! I was appalled. I would never fake a proposal for the sake of a picture. It was out right offensive! However, little did I know that fake was the farthest thing from the truth. In what seemed like a millisecond, he was down on one knee, dare I say it, PROPOSING!!! (Insert: Shock). If it weren’t for the glistening view of his forehead I wouldn’t have believed it! So, here’s to life throwing me off (as usual) and officially saying to the world, “I’m engaged!”

Here are some pics for all of you to enjoy!

11 Im Engaged! 21 Im Engaged! 31 Im Engaged! 41 Im Engaged! 51 Im Engaged!

Event Design ~  Endlessly Elated
Photography ~ MJR Photography
Floral Design ~ Bella Fiori Floral & Event Design

ee kathy 01 Im Engaged!