An Event Fashionista’s guide to Fashionable Entertaining!

Let’s be honest you only need a few goodies to throw a fashionable dinner party.

So,  I thought I’d do a little research on “your” behalf for some spring inspiration! Okay, who am I kidding?! Drum roll, pleaseeeee… I bring you my spur of the moment, can’t live without it , Crate & Barrel shopping spree (I promise that this isn’t a sponsored plug!). I’m really just obsessed with ALL their stuff! And I mean ALL their stuff!

spring An Event Fashionista’s guide to Fashionable Entertaining!


Here’s to dining in style, spring style!

1. A Splash of Color! Look at these fabulous dinner plates and lime green napkins! Yes, lime green napkins! They are too die for! {Besides, after this horrible winter weather New York City has seen, nothing screams spring than a splash of pure brightness!}

2. Fashionable flatware. I mean it’s a must. What event fashionista doesn’t DINE for these?!

3. Stylish Serving at it’s best! This amazing oval platter is what got me into this mess to begin with. And yes, the pitcher was impromptu!

4. And after the pitcher, came the vase! How could I contain myself?! Plus with peonies (my favorite!) oh hand, it was a no brainer!

So, here’s to a thumbs down for my wallet, but a double thumbs up for Crate & Barrel! Salud!

Entertaining~ Dinner Plates: Crate&Barrel ~ Flatware: Crate&Barrel ~ Serving Platter: Crate&Barrel ~ Vase: Crate&Barrel ~ Napkins: Crate&Barrel ~ Pitcher: Crate&Barrel

Endlessly Elated,


Fashionable Photo Credits {& Obsession}~ Crate & Barrel


Event Fashionista Must Haves for Hosting Happy Hour!

As you all know I live to fashionably entertain! So, here are a few Event Fashionista essentials to hosting happy hour, which I must admit I do quite often!

ee 1 Event Fashionista Must Haves for Hosting Happy Hour!

1. A Bar Cart {It’s an event fashionista’s mobile party!}

2. A selection of your favorite cocktails {After all, it is happy hour!}

3. Fabulous Champagne Flutes /Wine Glasses/Beer mugs {Whatever works! We need you feeling Endlessly Elated!}

4. Fashionable Coasters {Gals, dress up your drinks like you would yourselves! We are fashionably entertaining!}

5. A fabulous outfit {It is clear that we need no excuse!}

 Chin! Chin! Cocktail O’clock has arrived!

Endlessly Elated,