Three Flatbread Recipes That Will Have You Grabbing Seconds and Thirds!

three flatbread recipes

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When entertaining in the summer months, I always strive to make quick, easy appetizers. Ones that will have me spending more time with my friends rather than spending time in the sweltering kitchen heat. Wouldn’t you all agree?! Read More

Girl Talk & Cocktails—Moving Is Stressful, But I’ve Got A Bachelorette Party Coming Up!

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This week I thought we would sit down and have some girl talk! Give you a few updates on my move, vacation options for my friend’s upcoming bachelorette party, and my new favorite TV obsessions. Watch on and as always let’s chit chat afterwards. Thanks for watching!



My Moving Checklist! Top Ten tips!

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My move continues on and as I get ready to pack up my apartment I thought I’d share my top ten moving tips. You know get a little moving checklist going! And given that my best friend just moved, put some of these to the test and said they worked out, well then that just means that they must be the best tips ever!  :-) Read More

My New Favorite Summer Item! My Stylish Wine Bag!

Wine BagsHello Lovelies!

This past Saturday I took my own advice and crossed off “Attend a picnic” from my summer bucket list. As I mentioned last week, I bought tickets to attend Pinknic, a rosé filled, music festival with all my favorite trimmings. Rosé, for starters. I know, stating the obvious. Open air, pink blankets, cheese, crackers, music and the list goes on. Read More

Need Summer Recipes?! Try this Melon, Mozzarella and Prosciutto Appetizer!

Summer Recipes

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This week I shared my summer bucket list. My must dos before the summer is officially over because for me and anyone else on the north east coast it only lasts just a couple of months, so we must take full advantage!

As part of my bucket list, hosting or attending a picnic is a definite must do. It’s the perfect excuse to invite some friends, lay out at the park, eat, drink and be merry! Sounds like a dream, if you ask me! Read More

My Summer Bucket list! Top seven things to do!

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With Fourth of July officially behind us, we need to continue to take full advantage of what summer has to offer. So, to soak in as much of the sunny skies and warm seasonal breeze, I created a summer bucket list. My top seven things to do before this summer comes to an end. Watch on as I go through my to dos and as always if you have any items on your summer bucket list leave them down below. I’m always looking for new ideas!

As promised, here are the links I mentioned: Read More

Celebrate Fourth of July With My Strawberry, Rosé Punch Recipe!

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Fourth of July is almost here and to kick off the festivities I’m sharing my strawberry, rosé  punch recipe. It is the perfect cocktail for a Fourth of July party and the best part about is that you can make this ahead of time and not worry that you need to play bartender all night long. A girl needs to enjoy her party, right?! Ha-Ha!

Watch on and see how to make this delicious punch recipe! Read More

Kids Birthday Party Ideas, Enter The Doughnut Cake!

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If you saw this week’s post, you know I shared some kids birthday party ideas! From party hats to feathered pens, it was all about sprucing up your next p-a-r-t-a-e.

In case you missed it, you can always check it out here. Read More

Kids Birthday Party Ideas! Simple Ideas for the Next Time You Host One!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas
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This past week was my niece’s, little Sophie’s birthday (my best friend’s daughter) and in honor of her birthday I thought I’d share some kids birthday party ideas to get your juices flowing the next time you have to host your very own!

For my tablescape, which quickly became a sea of pinks and purples, I used Blush Glam craft paper I bought at Michaels (kid friendly, of course!) as place mats, added my West Elm Metallic Rimmed plates—not to worry, these are for the adults. I kept the paper plates on hand for the kids—and gold dotted milk bottles filled with sugar free lemonade. A couple of lavender paper straws, polka dot napkins, party hats, and feathered pens and I was well on my way. Read More

The Ultimate List of Father’s Day Gifts!


Pineapple Guacamole Recipe
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Father’s day is this Sunday so to help out I’ve compiled a list of seven amazing father’s day gifts that won’t disappoint! Best part is that they are all under $50 bucks!

So, let’s do some last minute shopping and get dad a great gift! Read More


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