A Spring Affair: Designing your table!

spring table setting styling 8 A Spring Affair: Designing your table!
If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, check me out here!) you know that I am singing the winter blues. The weather by me has been horrific and I’m just ready for sunny days and colorful blooms. So, in order to get into the spirit of things I decided to gather some ideas for hosting a “Spring is Here!” soiree. I’m prepared to kick winter on its behind and welcome spring with open arms. Read More

There’s no Party, Like a Brunch Party! 

how to setup the perfect bagel bar 8 There’s no Party, Like a Brunch Party! 
It’s no secret that brunch is my favorite meal and when I get to play hostess, well that’s just utopia! For starters it allows me to have some of my favorite foods (particularly breakfast dishes) and to top it off it gives me a non-judgmental pass to have fabulous cocktails before noon! It’s a win win if you ask me.
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Easy & Healthy Weeknight Meal—Pizza Recipe!

easy pizza recipe4 Easy & Healthy Weeknight Meal—Pizza Recipe!

During the week cooking can be a drag, so I always try and leave my more complex meals for the weekends and focus on my easy to prepare meals on the weekdays. I still love a tasty meal. I just don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen after a long work day. Don’t you all agree?

As a result , here’s my easy and surprisingly healthy pizza recipe! Read More

Valentine’s Day Blooms!

vdayflowers Valentine’s Day Blooms!

It’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with flowers and having some on Valentine’s Day is a no brainer. What I can’t come to terms with is paying an obscene amount of money for them. So, instead I picked up some fresh blooms over the weekend allowing myself to bring these lovelies home without burning through my wallet!  A win win situation, if you ask me! Read More

Styling the Bar Cart! An Event Fashionista Must!

endlessly elated barcart styling Styling the Bar Cart! An Event Fashionista Must!

The obsession of the bar cart is back and it is here to stay!

It’s funny how things come full circle. When I was younger, my mom {who admittedly I’m just like} would throw these lavish parties full of family and friends and her bar cart was her ultimate sidekick. Although she never drank {okay, maybe I’m not exactly like her. :o)} she would gather people around it and whip up some fabulous cocktails. The bar cart was her staple and no soirée she ever hosted went without it.

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Brunchin’ In Bed On Valentine’s Day

valentine in bed 2 Brunchin’ In Bed On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and this year my husband and I have decided we are staying in. After many years of prix fixe meals at trendy restaurants or absurdly expensive cocktails at even our local bars being home seems like the perfect idea. So, we are celebrating in style by Brunchin’ in Bed! Super exciting! Read More

Champagne Party!

Champagne Party 1 Champagne Party!

Nothing screams fashionable celebration like a bottle of champagne. There’s something about that “POP” that makes me giddy with excitement! So, when the girls stopped in for a surprise visit I did what any event fashionista would do. I designed a simple yet yummy spread, which I quickly put out so I had enough time to gather myself and appear effortlessly flawless. Read More

Fashionably Entertaining with Endlessly Elated

kathy 41 2x Fashionably Entertaining with Endlessly Elated

The time has come and I couldn’t be any more elated! I’m coming on over and spreading some event fashionista fairy dust on your oh, so fashionable soirees!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you love to throw dinner parties, love to play hostess, and fashionable entertaining is your “thang,” then this is definitely for you!

Let me come into your home and help you take your party from an A to an A+. Whether it’s designing your table top, bar cart or really just about any other thing. Amongst the options is picking out your most fabulous outfit. I’m here to bring out the very best event fashionista in you! Read More