Holiday Entertaining: Steal vs. Splurge

Holiday Ent Holiday Entertaining: Steal vs. Splurge

By now you know that  “event fashionista” is my middle name and celebrations are what I live for! So, with the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching I’m well into planning these festivities and taking them to a whole new level! There will be lots of entertaining and the best of the best essentials will definitely come out and play. After all, nothing screams fashionable soirees like marvelous platters, adorned champagne glasses, and the sound of corks popping! It’s like music to my ears!

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Event Fashionista Series: Meet Zorana Selakovic!

EF Meet Z 7 Event Fashionista Series: Meet Zorana Selakovic!

When Zorana and I first discussed her feature and what she would share—normally amongst the obvious choices are fashionable tablescapes, home entertaining soirees, or beautifully designed rooms—after all we are event fashionistas, right?! Her choice was simple. “My gallery wall,” she replied! It made total sense. She’s an interior designer, gallery walls are in, so a feature on one was a no brainer!

But quickly upon entering her apartment and talking to her no more than two seconds, I realized that there was much more to her wall than met the eye.

Her wall was her story. Her journey. Each item representative of her life. It consisted of hand painted items from family and friends. Plane tickets of her extensive travels around the world. It was simply filled with distant memories that were easily resurrected as she detailed each memory.

Zorana is truly an inspiration! She reminded me why I started this series in the first place! To create a space where I could feature women just like you and me. Women who celebrate life—those who entertain, design, and are oh, so fashionable. But most importantly, those who are inspirational!

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DIY Artwork!

diy artwork frame 6 DIY Artwork!

One of my husband’s passions is art so when I was inspired to do a DIY “painting” during one of my Pinterest binges I knew just the person to talk to! As some of you may know, we just moved into a new apartment so decorating and making it our own has been top of mind! And what better way than to create our own artwork!

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Decorating Halloween Sweets!

Halloween 5 Decorating Halloween Sweets!

In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to creatively think of ways to spruce up the old candy bowl. So, I decided to jazz up some pumpkin crème filled cookies and chocolate chip meringues. I got my event fashionista on by decorating the meringues into little ghosts and sprinkling the cookies with festive orange sprinkles. I also made goodie bags for easy handout. It was such a simple and easy way to take ordinary sweets and turn them into stylish ones!

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Healthy Breakfast Sandwich!

healthy breakfast sandwich recipe 1 Healthy Breakfast Sandwich!
Although indulging on the weekends is no secret, during the week I play a whole different ball game! I do my very best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes keeping my eating habits in line.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not from the school of thought that healthy equals bland or boring! If anything, I like to think that it’s the opposite. I indulge during the week just in yummy healthy delights!

To prove my point, here’s a healthy breakfast option for all of you to try:

Side note: Breakfast is my favorite, favorite meal of the day! So badly that at least one a week I eat it for dinner!

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Season Premiere Soiree!

Season Premiere Spread 4 Season Premiere Soiree!

As fall quickly approached so did all the TV premieres and I must say indulging in some juicy TV is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! So, how did I celebrate the new TV season, you ask?!  Easy!

In true Event Fashionista repertoire I needed no excuse to fashionably entertain and play hostess for the night! I began by inviting all the girls over for the premiere of Scandal! The girls + wine + scandalous TV = One fun night! Read More

Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa Deleon Bournias

EF Meet Vanessa 6jpg Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa Deleon Bournias

Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe how elated (no pun intended) I was when Melissa Ruta, also an event fashionista herself {Read all about her here} picked Vanessa Deleon to be our next feature. Our very own event fashionista!

You see, Vanessa is all fabulosity! Or how she would describe it, “Glamilistic.” A termed she coined while staring on HGTV’s hit TV Show “Design Star.” Since, then she has made countless television appearances including Restaurant Impossible, Designer’s Challenge, Generation Renovation, and most recently on NBC’s “American Dream Builders” (just to name a few).  Oh and let’s not forget a successful entrepreneur who built her business from the ground up and has professional accolades that could fill up anyone’s wall! A fabulous designed wall, that is!

So, having her on the event fashionista list is simply an honor!.  Read on as we chitchat on her must haves, design tidbits, and much more! Read More

Show Me How To Rickey! A Cointreau Cocktail Recipe

cointreau strawberry basil rickey 02 Show Me How To Rickey!  A Cointreau Cocktail Recipe
During fashion week, I had the pleasure of playing mixologist and indulging in “The Strawberry Basil Rickey.”  It’s a take on the original Cointreau Rickey but packs a fabulous twist! This cocktail is crisp, fresh and absolutely yummy! I couldn’t resist so I got all event fashionista with it and whipped it up for family and friends!

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Grilled Cheese Heaven!

Grilled Cheese Grilled Cheese Heaven!

By now you should have definitely realized that I am an aspiring foodie. I’ve always enjoyed eating and certainly entertaining those around me!  So, as a self-proclaimed food aficionada I love to recreate dishes. Those of which I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in! Whether it’s been at a restaurant, in people’s homes, or simply pretending Giada’s meal miraculously came through the TV, it is certainly something I do. Read More

Meet The Oh, So Fashionable Melissa Ruta!

EF Mel 1 Meet The Oh, So Fashionable Melissa Ruta!

Upon arriving at her home we were greeted with pure warmth and excitement. Not to mention she was ready to rock and roll looking fashionable and fabulous as always. Having known Melissa for many years (we won’t say how many so we don’t date each other) she has always been the ultimate hostess! So, naturally when I was trying to identify my pick her name shot right to the top of the list!

Oh and did we mention, she just became a mom! Yes! She’s so that woman I aspire to look like if I ever have children. You know, the kind that get ready while feeding their baby and still manage to not have a hair out of place. Jelly!

We sat down with Mel to chit chat about her hostess’ secrets and boy did she have some yummy ones to share. See the juicy deets down below!  Read More