Girl’s Night Out!

Girls Night Out 1 Girls Night Out!

Every once in a while, a girl’s night out is all I need. My husband would probably say it’s more like once a week, so I won’t even lie. Shall we start over?

At least once a week, a girl’s night out is all I need.

Girl Talk + Food + Wine = Lots of fun! And who doesn’t need that in their lives. There’s something special about getting together with my girlfriends and catching up. It seems like all we do is enthusiastically talk over each other, share every last detail of every waking moment (even if its only been just a week), and clink our glasses together. It always calls for a celebration and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

So, in true event fashionista repertoire the outfits must be to die for and getting together at my place for a quick drink is a given!

Here, are some pics of what I wore to this week’s shindig and the event fashionista cocktail spread I put out right before hitting the town!

Girls Night Out 2 Girls Night Out! Girls Night Out 3 Girls Night Out! Girls Night Out 4 Girls Night Out!

Enjoy! {P.S. Tell me how you and your friends celebrate in style?!}

Entertaining Essentials: Round Tray: Crate and Barrel// Nibble Bowl: Crate and Barrel// Champ Flutes: Crate and Barrel

Fashionable Outfit: White Collared Shirt: Banana Republic // Pants (not available but here are similar ones): J.Crew // Necklace: J.Crew// Shoes: Christian Louboutin

{Fashionable Photo Credit: MJR Photography}

Say Cheese! Tips on Styling your Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter 2 Say Cheese! Tips on Styling your Cheese Platter

If you are anything like me food is a guilty pleasure, an obsession. It’s up there with the likes of fashion, entertaining, and home décor! And while most foods tickle my fancy cheese definitely has a very special place in my belly. It’s why I live by the philosophy that cheese makes everything better. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, when in need of a quick fix for some impromptu entertaining, I fall back on the good ol’ cheese platter. It not only gives me an excuse to do a little over indulging but styling a cheese platter well that’s just an art. And nothing makes me happier than designing and eating at the very same time!

Cheese Platter 3 Say Cheese! Tips on Styling your Cheese Platter

These are some of my tips for a fashionable yet yummy cheese platter:

1. A large, dark wood platter. The darkness of the dish will enhance and allow for contrast amongst the different foods you will plate.

2. A variety of cheeses. In this instance, I went for Midnight Moon Goat (a nutty goat cheese), Fromager d’ affinois (a double cream French Cheese), and Campo de Montalban (a semi-firm Spanish Cheese) —Don’t forget to serve at room temperature!

3. Fruits. Anything from grapes to dried fruits. I also love to mix things up and serve compote and/or honey.

4. Cured meat, olives, and nuts, oh my! All fabulous accompaniments.

5. Lastly, some bread and crackers and you are on your way!

For some stylish fun, I also “name tag” my cheeses and cut a few slices ahead of time to allow my guests some ease.

Can’t wait to hear your must haves. Let me know how you “event fashionista” your way through a cheese platter!

Cheese Platter 4 Say Cheese! Tips on Styling your Cheese Platter Cheese Platter 5 Say Cheese! Tips on Styling your Cheese Platter Cheese Platter 1 Say Cheese! Tips on Styling your Cheese Platter

Hail to the nightstand! Bedside styling at its finest!

leblog Hail to the nightstand! Bedside styling at its finest!

When it comes to styling my nightstand, I’m of the school of thought that less is more. I prefer to keep it clean and organized. My bedroom must scream serenity and my nightstand is no exception!

Here are a few simple items I used to achieve my fashionable yet clean look.

1. Lighting—I usually go for a table lamp that I position on the far right/left of each nightstand. It provides the illusion of more space.

2. A cool looking clock—For me, it’s a vintage inspired one. It’s charming and defines my style.

3. A small tray—I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s a must! This small item acts as a home for jewelry, glasses, and any other small trinkets.

4. Flowers/candle—It’s just an obsession I have and I can’t help it. These two things totally transform a room!

leblog 17 Hail to the nightstand! Bedside styling at its finest!


leblog 21 Hail to the nightstand! Bedside styling at its finest!


leblog 20 Hail to the nightstand! Bedside styling at its finest!

Not enough, here are two more items that allow you to continue to get your “event fashionista” on:

5. A fabulous frame with your favorite photo—I always go for a candid one that reminds me of an unforgettable time.

6. Reading Material—If you read before going to bed keep your book/iPad on your nightstand. Using it for dual purpose allows you to be resourceful and stylish at the same time.

Happy Styling!

Nightstand: West Elm// Clock: Westclox// Glasses: Warby Parker// Jewelry Tray: Etsy

{Fashionable Photo Credit: MJR Photography}


Styling The Bed!

bed2 2 Styling The Bed!

After living in my mother’s DARK basement apartment for almost a whole year (Yes, craziness I know!) my husband and I decided that we wanted a very bright, airy feel to our new bedroom. After all, it’s what we had before we made the move to my parents’ house.

So in the spirit of taking you through my decorating process let’s begin with my bed. Here’s how I got my event fashionista on.

I started with colors that I intended to decorate with. I knew I wanted all whites and creams with hints of gold and bronze.  So, choosing white bedding was a no brainer.

Next, I needed layering. No fashionable bed would be caught without it! So bring in the Euro pillows, the standard pillows, and the decorative pillows. The more the merrier (for me anyways). Plus there’s no right or wrong answer on how many pillows should go on a bed. It’s ultimately whatever makes you happy, no?!

For some extra umph I added a throw and voilà a bed that can come from the pages of Elle Décor or Domino Mag! (Yes, wishful thinking! He! He!)

leblog 32 Styling The Bed!


leblog 30 Styling The Bed!


leblog 29 Styling The Bed!

Happy Sleeping my dear event fashionistas!

P.S. Now it’s time to fill these walls up! {Future post, perhaps?!)

Bedding: Bloomingdales (and it’s on sale!) // Bed: West Elm// Nightstands: West Elm

{Fashionable Photo Credit: MJR Photography}


Top Five Must Haves for Impromptu Entertaining!

wine cheese entertaining2 Top Five Must Haves for Impromptu Entertaining!
If you know me, you know that I will play hostess at the drop of a hat. No, seriously! I can’t even begin to count how many times a simple phone call with a girlfriend turned into a much-needed cocktail, a fashionable cheese platter, and non-stop laughter!

So, today I thought I’d share my top five must haves for an impromptu gathering!

1. Stock that Bar—Always have a nice bottle of wine or champagne on hand. And hey, if wine and champagne aren’t your thing then vodka, gin, or rum will do. Just don’t forget the mixers!

2. Fashionable cocktail glasses—Nothing takes a shindig up a notch than festive barware. Whipping up your signature cocktail and serving it “a la event fashionista” is a no brainer.

3. Serving tray/platter—You can skip on the formal dining setup and just opt for a more casual approach. Ensure to put out a fabulous spread and voilà you are fashionably entertaining.

4. Fresh flowers & candles—Nothing provides a quicker décor solve than some fresh flowers and candlelight. It gives instant warmth to any room! {My little secret: I usually fill my home with flowers on Sundays and restock once a week. This allows for fresh flowers at all times)

5. Your Sunday’s best—Didn’t think I was going to forget this one, did you? You set the mood so looking your best is a must. I promise it’s true. Appearing disheveled will have your guest(s) feeling uneasy and/or uncomfortable. Go ahead, put on your most fabulous outfit and get your hostess on. Besides, do we ever really need an excuse?

So now it’s your turn event fashionistas. Tell me what your must haves are when hosting a last minute shindig?

Until next time, happy entertaining lovelies!

wine cheese entertaining Top Five Must Haves for Impromptu Entertaining!
wine cheese entertaining3 Top Five Must Haves for Impromptu Entertaining!

Tasty Mango Sangria!

mango sangria recipe Tasty Mango Sangria!

Summer calls for lots of fashionable entertaining and stirring up some cocktails well that’s just part of the fun. For me, the festivities don’t begin until these yummy little concoctions come out to play.

So, in the spirit of summer fun I thought I’d share my mango sangria recipe. You see this has been a secret jewel of mine for many years. My friends, family and husband can tell you that this cocktail is brought back on popular demand. For my sake {since being a hostess is LITERALLY the heart and soul of who I am}, I wish I could say that the sangria had a secret ingredient or a really difficult recipe. But the truth is that it is so easy to make and there is no “rocket science” behind it!

Here’s what you will need:

1. A large size pitcher
2. A bottle or two of white wine (depending on the size of your pitcher)—I prefer to use chardonnay but pinot grigio also works. Make sure to buy an inexpensive bottle, as you will be mixing with juice.
3. Two ripe mangos
4. Mango Nectar—I usually make it myself (with a few extra bought mangos). However, when I’m pressed for time store bought does just fine.
5. Sugar

Follow these few easy steps:

1. Fill the pitcher half way with wine and the other half with mango nectar
2. Cut both mangos into slivers and throw inside pitcher (makes for great presentation plus it’s yummy as well)
3. Add in Sugar to taste—I sometimes don’t even add sugar depending on how sweet the mango nectar/mangos are.
4. Stir and refrigerate until nice and cold.
5. Serve and Enjoy.

mango sangria recipe 2 Tasty Mango Sangria!

mango sangria recipe 3 Tasty Mango Sangria!
mango sangria recipe 4 Tasty Mango Sangria!
I know, super easy!

On a side note: I’ve also been known to make mango/pineapple sangria. Same recipe but just add pineapple juice and pineapple chunks.

Hope you’ve refreshed yourself with this delicious summery cocktail!

Chin, chin, event fashionistas!

{Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario}

Hello #Event Fashionistas!

endlessly elated home entertaining Hello #Event Fashionistas!

If you are reading this you and I can definitely be friends! Our interests have certainly collided. You know; living one fashionable day at a time. Or in other words, finding endless excitement for home entertaining (or celebrations in general), home styling & décor projects, and wearing your Sunday’s best no matter what.

So join me over yummy cocktails as I give you my tips and tricks to living an Endlessly Elated life! Hope you Enjoy!

endlessly elated home entertaining3 Hello #Event Fashionistas! endlessly elated home entertaining2 Hello #Event Fashionistas!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: How to make a fashionable Mango Sangria!

{Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario}

An Event Fashionista’s guide to Fashionable Entertaining!

Let’s be honest you only need a few goodies to throw a fashionable dinner party.

So,  I thought I’d do a little research on “your” behalf for some spring inspiration! Okay, who am I kidding?! Drum roll, pleaseeeee… I bring you my spur of the moment, can’t live without it , Crate & Barrel shopping spree (I promise that this isn’t a sponsored plug!). I’m really just obsessed with ALL their stuff! And I mean ALL their stuff!

spring An Event Fashionista’s guide to Fashionable Entertaining!


Here’s to dining in style, spring style!

1. A Splash of Color! Look at these fabulous dinner plates and lime green napkins! Yes, lime green napkins! They are too die for! {Besides, after this horrible winter weather New York City has seen, nothing screams spring than a splash of pure brightness!}

2. Fashionable flatware. I mean it’s a must. What event fashionista doesn’t DINE for these?!

3. Stylish Serving at it’s best! This amazing oval platter is what got me into this mess to begin with. And yes, the pitcher was impromptu!

4. And after the pitcher, came the vase! How could I contain myself?! Plus with peonies (my favorite!) oh hand, it was a no brainer!

So, here’s to a thumbs down for my wallet, but a double thumbs up for Crate & Barrel! Salud!

Entertaining~ Dinner Plates: Crate&Barrel ~ Flatware: Crate&Barrel ~ Serving Platter: Crate&Barrel ~ Vase: Crate&Barrel ~ Napkins: Crate&Barrel ~ Pitcher: Crate&Barrel

Endlessly Elated,


Fashionable Photo Credits {& Obsession}~ Crate & Barrel


Event Fashionista Must Haves for Hosting Happy Hour!

As you all know I live to fashionably entertain! So, here are a few Event Fashionista essentials to hosting happy hour, which I must admit I do quite often!

ee 1 Event Fashionista Must Haves for Hosting Happy Hour!

1. A Bar Cart {It’s an event fashionista’s mobile party!}

2. A selection of your favorite cocktails {After all, it is happy hour!}

3. Fabulous Champagne Flutes /Wine Glasses/Beer mugs {Whatever works! We need you feeling Endlessly Elated!}

4. Fashionable Coasters {Gals, dress up your drinks like you would yourselves! We are fashionably entertaining!}

5. A fabulous outfit {It is clear that we need no excuse!}

 Chin! Chin! Cocktail O’clock has arrived!

Endlessly Elated,