Easy GALentine’s Day Entertaining!

 Easy Galentine's Day Entertaining
Valentine’s day is quickly approaching so gather your girlfriends and celebrate the day. Galentine’s day!

It is a fun way to praise the girls who love you no matter how many times you complain about your boss or how many times, I… I mean YOU ask for a wine refill. Ha-Ha! So, in the spirit of Valentine’s day ideas, I hosted my girlfriends at my apt before hitting the town and painting it red. Read More

Super Bowl Party DIY French Fry Bar!

Super Bowl Party DIY French Fry Bar
And it’s healthy!

Super bowl is around the corner and my inner hostess is already doing the happy dance. In preparation for what’s going to be a day of indulging, I’m planning a full-blown menu. Stating the obvious, I know! Read More

My Husband’s Easy Guacamole Recipe!

Easy Guacamole Recipe

For those of you who know my husband you know that he is definitely a guy’s guy. However, once in a while he breaks into his, “I am going to play stylish host” role and there’s no stopping him. He will enthusiastically describe every recipe he wants to whip up and he usually includes everything AND the kitchen sink. This simple pineapple, guacamole recipe was no exception. The conversation went something like this.

Read More

Easy, Healthy Pizza Recipe!

Easy Pizza Recipe

During the week cooking can be a drag, so I always try and leave my more complex meals for the weekends and focus on my easy to prepare meals on the weekdays. I still love a tasty meal. I just don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen after a long work day. Don’t you all agree? Plus with the new year just starting, a healthy weeknight meal is the way to go! Because on the weekends we be brunchin’! Ha-ha!

So, here’s my easy and surprisingly healthier pizza recipe! Read More

5 Must Haves To Style Your Coffee Table!

If you follow me on Snapchat {Endlesslyelated} you know last weekend I picked up this cross base coffee table from West Elm. I had been looking for one for a while and finally found the right one! Yay! The things that get me excited, right?

So, I thought I’d share my top five must haves for styling your coffee table. I mean, everyone wants a stylish coffee table right?! Ha-ha! Read More