My Cuba Vacation Outfit Picks! Come Do A Little Shopping!

grace bay beach turks and caicosHello lovelies! I’m off to Cuba and I figured before I went I’d share some of my vacation outfits with you guys. Most of the items were Cuba inspired—think floral patterns, bell sleeves, and ruffles. Vacation chic, if you ask me! So pick one vacation outfit or all, but get ready to do a little damage.  🙂

If you are looking for some summer outfits or are planning your next vacation, welcome home.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time.



P.S. In case you need a little travel inspo, check out my Turks And Caicos Travel Diary! Cuba travel vlog coming up!

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Yes Way To This… Rosé Strawberry, Mango Sangria!

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5 Must Have Wine and Cheese Pairings! Perfect For The Summer!

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1. Making Sure Quitting Was The Correct Choice!

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