Girl Talk & Cocktails—Life Update! Are We Moving?!

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We are back with Girl Talk and Cocktails and this time guess who’s joining me? Yup, that’s right, my husband! Since many of you asked, we are delivering! Are we moving to California?! Why does my husband need your help? Read More

How To Get The Nasty Smell Out Of Your Kitchen Sponge!

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Today we are talking the Endlessly Elated tip of the week. How to get that nasty, nasty smell out of your kitchen sponge! Wet kitchen sponges can get this funky smell over time usually derived from a wet environment and bacteria. So, we tend to throw them out because who wants to wash dishes with a smelly sponge, right?! Read More

How To Get Perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs!

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Today I’m showing you how to get perfectly hard boiled eggs but even more impressive how to impeccably peel them! Read More

Seven Tips On Hosting The Ultimate Indoor Summer Party!

summer party ideas
Summer is almost here and many of us don’t have backyards or an outdoor space to entertain in. If you’re anything like me, it’s all about city living and since the thought of not entertaining is absurd (what’s a girl to do?!) then we have no other choice but to bring the party inside. So, let’s get those apartments ready and those burgers grilling! Read More

Mother’s Day Flowers—DIY Style!

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Today we are talking Mother’s Day. It’s less than a week away and I know many of you are hunting for ideas on what to get your moms. Well, have no fear! Mother’s Day flowers are always top of mind (at least at the top of my mind) but of course with the holiday come the spike in prices. Frustrating, I know!

So, I’m here to show you how to avoid all that nonsense and get you the cutest, most Instagram-able Mother’s Day flowers and packaging you can find. Better yet make! Read More

6 Budget Friendly Entertaining Tips

Budget Friendly Entertaining Tips

I entertain pretty often and hosting people can get expensive! I live for the idea of having my friends and family over (more like obsessed with it) but I certainly don’t want to feel like I’m breaking the bank every time I do so. So, over time I’ve paid attention and have compiled a list of six budget friendly entertaining tips. Read More

The Best Margarita Recipe. The Pineapple Margarita!

best pineapple margarita recipe
Last week we were all about Mexican street corn for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities. This mouthwatering recipe is a definite must try and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then watch, here!

With that said, it was only right to pair this delicious corn with a just as delicious cocktail. Enter the best margarita recipe ever. The pineapple margarita that is! This tropical drink will have you transported to a pristine beach and sunny skies in no time! And since you’re playing fabulous hostess or as I like to refer to it “being an event fashionista” (Yes, it’s a state of being, ha-ha!) then this cocktail recipe is a no brainer! Get ready to scream, “best margarita recipe eva!” Read More

Cinco De Mayo: Mexican Street Corn Recipe (Elotes)

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Today we are celebrating the upcoming Cinco De Mayo festivities! I’m showing you how to make Mexican street corn also known as Elotes in Spanish. This recipe is super simple and will have you licking your fingers tips.


Watch on and learn how to make this delicious recipe for some good ol’ Cinco de Mayo entertaining!

Need the written steps? Not to worry!

Here’s what you’ll need. Read More

How To Peel A Kiwi!

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Today, we talk the Endlessly Elated tip of the week: How To Peel A Kiwi! A super easy trick that will have you peeling your kiwi fruit to perfection, every time. It may take a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, you’ll always use this tip! Read More

How To Clean Your Wine Decanter!

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Here’s the Endlessly Elated tip of the week: How To Clean Your Wine Decanter. You know, getting rid of that one pesky, red wine stain at the bottom of your wine decanter even though you can’t even reach the bottom. Well have no fear! Watch on and learn how easy it is.

Need the steps handy? Here they are. Read More


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