My Top Five Favorite Jersey City Restaurants! Eat and Indulge!

Roman Nose Downtown Jersey City

Hello Lovelies! As many of you know, I moved to Jersey City last August (you might have seen the vlog on my horrific move!) and I’ve been eating and drinking my way through the city ever since. So, today I figured I’d share my top five Jersey City restaurants.

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My Sweet, Sweet Goddaughter Interviews Me—Girl Boss Q&A!

Hello lovelies! You asked and I answered! Watch as my sweet goddaughter asks me some girl boss questions. She’s truly the cutest—I know, I know I’m biased!

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The Perfect Polka Dot Dress! Now It’s Time To Celebrate!

blue polka dot dress
Hello lovelies! What’s a girl to wear when she goes out to celebrate 19k followers on Insta?! Or have a ridiculously exciting meeting about her upcoming “Fem Think Tank” event?! Well, obviously a fabulous little polka dot dress! This little number was not only cute, but its perfectly flowy and loose form allowed this girl—that would be me—to have many celebratory cocktails while hiding the pooch! #winning

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Whoever Said Going After Your Dreams Was Easy… Definitely Lied!

Dream BigHi Lovelies! Whoever said that going after your dreams is easy, never went after theirs. The truth is that going after your dreams is a whole lot of work…and I mean A WHOLE LOT OF work. But truth be told, going after your passion, doing what sets your soul on fire is completely worth it! Read More

Cuba Travel Diary! Havana, Varadero, and Viñales, Oh My!

Hello Lovelies! It’s finally here. My Cuba Travel Diary is officially out! Go watch as we galavant through Cuba and visit as much as we possibly could in five days. I hope you enjoy this as much I did.

Also, in case you missed the travel guides, here they are HavanaVaradero and Viñales! Read More

Entertain Unexpected Guests with Mediterranean Appetizers!

mediterranean appetizer recipes
Hello lovelies! As many of you know, I’m always looking for quick and easy appetizers to whip up at the drop of a hat especially if guests pop in unexpectedly. So, this week I’m talking all about how to prep for surprise visits—Perfect Mediterranean appetizers that can be assembled in five minutes or less. Read More

My Top Six Must Haves For Hosting The Ultimate Pool Party!

hosting the ultimate pool party
Hello Lovelies! Summer is well underway and while I haven’t been taking full advantage of the pool at my building (need to work on that!) I figured I’d do some daydreaming of hosting a pool party and perhaps inspire some of you to get your hostess on. Read More

Calling All Digital Influencers! Huge Announcement!

Hello Lovelies!!

I’m giddy with excitement—okay fine, more like jumping up and down—to announce that I’m launching an online course for us! Yup, that’s right! For bloggers and YouTubers and all those girl bosses out there!

After quitting my Corporate America career as a finance director {although technically my last day is October 1st } and pursuing my passion as a full time digital influencer, I realized that there weren’t any readily available resources helping us tackle how to manage our blogs and channels as businesses. Things like…What tools do we need to help calculate our ongoing rates/pricing? How do we financially manage our businesses? How do we pitch and land deals with big name companies? And of course, how do we build contracts to protect ourselves? Read More

My Cuba Travel Guide! Part 2: Varadero And Viñales Rounded Up Our Perfect Trip!

Cuban Cigar Roller in Viñales Cuba

Hello Lovelies! After exploring the city of Havana, we decided to take two one-day trips—one to Varadero and the other to Viñales to do some more exploring. Nothing screams perfect vacation than being able to visit the city, the beach, and the countryside all in one fabulous trip! Read More

My Cuba Travel Guide! Part 1: Our Magnificent Journey in Havana!

Cuba Travel GuideHello lovelies! I’m finally back from Cuba and to say that this island was magical is an understatement. It was truly spectacular and I can honestly say to some extent life changing. What started off as a fun trip turned out to be an eye opening experience. One filled with lots of joy and happiness. Read More

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