Plan a party in a week! {Plus a Checklist!}

Okay, so I know how crazy our lives can be between managing work and play, but it’s literally my mission to help you see how important it is to celebrate life’s small moments. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always celebrated the smallest of things even if my friends and family thought I was being a bit excessive. Countless conversations have started and ended like this, “Kathy, I totally appreciate it but trust me I don’t need the hoopla. We don’t need to celebrate.” Me: “Okay, so I’ll see you on Saturday at eight! Dress up!” Read More

Champagne & Dessert Party

Champagne & Dessert Party 2

The summer has officially arrived and hosting gatherings filled with afternoon cocktails and al fresco dining is what it’s all about. Today we will begin a series of simple, yet fashionable party ideas to spark your hostess instincts. Let’s turn your good ole’ summer BBQ into a Burger Bash Extravaganza. Oh, yes and how could we forget the craft beer pairings. I mean, what’s a good burger without an ice-cold beer? Read More

It’s All About The Peplum Top!

White Peplum Top
As per usual, this past weekend was a whirlwind. Between shooting, writing blog posts and catching up on emails I seemed to blink and Sunday had arrived. However, I did find sometime after the craziness to have a local date night with my husband. Read More

Host A Weeknight ‘After Work’ Drink!

Host A Weeknight ‘After Work’ Drink
After a long workday, who doesn’t want to come home to a nice glass of wine and a small snack?! It’s life’s little pleasures that get me going and celebrating everyday moments is what I live for {more to come on that topic in an upcoming YouTube video!}. Read More

Entertaining Tips: Being the Best Hostess!

Hello event fashionistas!

Today’s video is all about entertaining tips that have saved my butt once or twice before. See how you shouldn’t follow in my footsteps, but actually use these helpful tricks + find out how I get the perfect wing liner. Yup, all in one video!

P.S. My husband is going to kill me!


Lunch Fashion!

Lunch Fashion
Our friends invited us to lunch last Sunday and of course, the only words out of my mouth were, “shall I bring the champs?” And that’s all that was needed to start a Sunday fun day. First they hosted us for sushi {my fave!} and then we hosted them for some afternoon cocktails. It was a win, win for all! Read More

Entertaining Picky Eaters!

Entertaining Picky Eaters
Recently on Instagram I asked all of you if there was anything you wanted my help on. You know, any hosting tips? Stylish design ideas? A new recipe? So when you guys actually responded I was beyond excited! Yup, I’m a geek. No judgment!

I just can’t wait to recreate your ideas on le blog. So stay tuned, as yours might be next + if you didn’t get a chance to respond you can certainly leave a comment down below. Read More

Fashion Pop Up Shop Event!

Fashion Pop Up Shop Event - Kyrzaida & Substance Salon
This weekend I had the pleasure of designing my friend, Kyrzayda’s Pop Up Shop. An intimate affair to announce the launch of her very own online boutique. The stakes were high given her impeccable style so designing the event “a la fashionista” was a must! Read More

Fourth of July Cocktail!

Forth of July Cocktail Recipe
The fourth of July is a few days away and although I’m not hosting anything this year (crashing my friend’s party instead) I wanted to embrace the holiday and create a festive cocktail! So this weekend amongst my many to do’s I found some time to whip this one up. Okay, fine, who am I kidding, I always find time to squeeze in a cocktail or two! It’s all about celebrating life, right? Read More