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A Full Interview With The Man Behind Endlessly Elated, My Husband Al!

Brooklyn Bridge Endessly Elated

I often get asked, whether it’s through social media or email, an array of “behind the scenes questions.” Questions like what camera do we use or where do we find our inspiration or which programs we edit in. So, I thought well what better way than to address your questions by asking the man behind Endlessly Elated. The technical guru behind my pictures, videos, and website. Read More

I Quit My Job! Here Are The Five Steps That Prepped Me!

1. Making Sure Quitting Was The Correct Choice!

For me, making sure I quit my job was step number 1. I wanted to ensure that leaving my job wasn’t something that arose because I had one bad work day or because my job wasn’t “fun.” Pursuing my passion, my dreams was a no brainer but I needed to make sure that I was quitting for the right reasons. Read More

I Finally Did It. A Pretty Huge Life Update!

Hello lovelies! Today, I’m sharing a pretty significant life update. I finally did it! After four years and six months of contemplation, I found the courage to follow my heart and go after what I’ve truly wanted. Some of you who listened to my podcast interview heard all about it but for any of you who haven’t, watch on!

I truly did this video in hopes that if I inspire one of you to follow your dreams then my purpose for creating this video is entirely done. Read More

My Podcast Debut! I Got Interviewed And Spilled The Beans!

blowing flowers in a little white dress
Hello Lovelies! I wanted to share some super exciting news. I’ve officially had my very first podcast interview!

I sat down with two of my favorite ladies over at Morado Lens, which is a feminist podcast all about girl power or how they describe it, tapping into your inner #bruja where we discussed the world of Endlessly Elated. Why I started my company, thoughts on who I am and my journey and of course, what’s next. And although, I didn’t think I would share this publicly just yet I let some pretty big news out of the bag. But not to worry because a full video is coming, where I discuss my decision, what brought me to this point and how I really feel.

Listen to the entire episode here and then of course, let me know your thoughts, comments, ideas, down below or anywhere else you’d like! Read More

Calling all Girl Bosses! Exciting Announcement!

Hello Lovelies!

If you recall, on my first blog post of the year (see here) I mentioned that I was going to do something super exciting for all you girl bosses, bloggers, vloggers, entrepreneurs and really anyone else who is interested. The more the merrier, right?! Read More

My One New Year’s Resolution Is…

new year resolution
Hello Lovelies!

Happy New Year! Hope you are all getting into the swing of things and preparing to rock 2017 to its core! I know I’m trying! Read More

Let’s Meet! Holiday Dessert Bar and Cocktail Included!

blog-meet-kp Hello Lovelies!

Today, I come with such exciting news!!

I’ll be this month’s “Open Book Diaries” guest speaker, where we’ll talk all about how I got started, things I’ve learned as a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber, and of course tips and tricks on entertaining—holiday entertaining to be exact. I mean how could I not? I just can’t help myself! Read More

How To Grow Your Instagram Following!

Recently, I was featured on Sparkle and Bliss’s Blog talking all about Instagram ! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity. Thanks a million Zahira!

Sparkle and Bliss is a  company, which offers creative workshops for wedding entrepreneurs that want to create a life and business they love! Ah-mazing!

In case you missed the article, kick up your heels and read on!  Read More

Fashionable Picnic + Photography Tips

Picnic Ideas

Last weekend I was at Martha’s Vineyard and the weather was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l but ever since I’ve been back it’s been so cold and dreary. So, when midweek came around and the weekend weather seemed promising, I immediately decided that a fashionable picnic was in order.

I gathered my picnic basket along with my brand spankin’ new LGG4 phone, which AT&T sent me as part of their 4K Seconds Sweepstakes Celebration {See the amazing details below, including a FREE PHONE} and headed to the park! What better way to spend the afternoon than eating, enjoying the weather, and testing out my new phone. Insert my obsession with photography! Read More

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