Calling All Digital Influencers! Huge Announcement!

Hello Lovelies!!

I’m giddy with excitement—okay fine, more like jumping up and down—to announce that I’m launching an online course for us! Yup, that’s right! For bloggers and YouTubers and all those girl bosses out there!

After quitting my Corporate America career as a finance director {although technically my last day is October 1st } and pursuing my passion as a full time digital influencer, I realized that there weren’t any readily available resources helping us tackle how to manage our blogs and channels as businesses. Things like…What tools do we need to help calculate our ongoing rates/pricing? How do we financially manage our businesses? How do we pitch and land deals with big name companies? And of course, how do we build contracts to protect ourselves?

Let it not be mistaken, being a digital influencer of a blog/channel is the equivalent of being a CEO of a business. They are one in the same! You are the CEO. You are managing your business.

So, today I’m so excited to announce that I’m launching an eight-week online course covering all these topics. The course will begin in the fall but for now, if you’re interested you can sign up here and get notified when course enrollment is officially open.

Oh, and watch the video till the end for the biggest announcement in Endlessly Elated history!! Can’t wait to work with each and every one of you and I look forward to conquering the world together!



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