Cookies + Ice cream = Heaven!

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

If you know me you know very well that baking is not my forte. There is something about exact measurements that make me cringe. I live to be wild and carefree in the kitchen. Cooking to taste by adding a little of this and a little of that. So, what’s the fun in baking if you’re always half a teaspoon away from a disaster?  Right?!

Well in an attempt to give baking a fair chance, I’ve vowed that in 2015 I will attempt to really learn!

Until then, I’ll stick to the likes of the famous yet, ridiculously simple ice cream sandwich.  Not only is it a crowd pleaser but also so easy to do! Dessert in minutes!

Here’s what I did: 

1. Baked chocolate chip cookies—It’s the least I could do! Although, this deserves a confession. It was store bought dough so therefore, I don’t really think it counts but hey who’s keeping tabs.

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

2. In between two freshly baked but cooled cookies I added my favorite ice cream- Mint chocolate chip. Okay, frozen yogurt! I had to cut the calories somewhere!

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

3. Lastly, I stacked them up on a small plate and voilà ~time for guests to grab and snack!

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Happy “baking” my dear #eventfashionistas!

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