Creating a Gallery Wall. Five Tips That Will Have You Designing One In No Time!

creating a gallery wall with picture frames
Hello Lovelies!

As many of you know, I just moved into a new apartment and the best part about moving is decorating! From furniture pieces to accent items, I’m super excited about sprucing up my new place. Or more like obsessed! Ha-Ha!

So, today’s agenda is recreating my gallery wall. Sharing my go to tips on achieving the best-looking wall a girl can ask for!

Here are five helpful tips:

Gallery Wall Picture Frames
1. Play with the layout by placing all frames on the floor and rearranging them until you have reached your desired look. This will avoid getting all the frames onto the wall and realizing you hate it. We definitely want to avoid that!

picture frames
2. Once you have chosen your layout and designated wall, make sure to take a picture so that you have something to reference. It is honestly the best rule of thumb since it is quite easy to forget where you wanted to place what. Especially if you are attempting a larger wall with lots of frames.

creating a gallery wall
3. Utilize different frames to give your gallery wall some depth and character. Don’t be afraid to combine different colors, sizes and textures. This really enhances the overall look and feel of your wall.

creating a gallery wall
4. Be consistent with spacing. A gallery wall should look organized and you can achieve this by ensuring that spacing between each frame is consistent. So, whether you decide on one inch or three inches, just make sure that you carry that spacing throughout the entire wall. You won’t be able to do this in every instance, some layouts won’t lend themselves to it, but the more consistent you are the better the outcome—In case you are wondering, I chose about 2 ½ inches of space where possible.

gallery wall with command strips 3m strips
5. Drum roll, please! Use Command strips to “hang” up your frames. Skip the nails, screws and even worse the hammer. Utilizing Command strips avoids those pesky holes that will have you kicking yourself later on. Particularly, if it means that you will eventually have to patch up your wall. Ahh, the renter’s struggle! Command strips come in all different sizes and weight capacities, so find ones that suit you and get to it. BEST INVENTION ever!!

I hope these quick and easy tips have you creating your own gallery wall and if you need more inspiring ideas, head over to Shutterfly. As always, don’t forget to share your pics with me! Can’t wait to see.

Until next time.



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  • Nina

    Your new gallery wall is gorgeous, Kathleen! Can’t wait to continue following the transformation of your new apartment!

    • Thank so much! I’m actually leaning towards doing an apt tour (on my YouTube Channel), so we shall see. 🙂

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