DIY Artwork!

DIY Artwork Frame

One of my husband’s passions is art so when I was inspired to do a DIY “painting” during one of my Pinterest binges I knew just the person to talk to! As some of you may know, we just moved into a new apartment so decorating and making it our own has been top of mind! And what better way than to create our own artwork!

Here’s what we did and believe it or not it was shockingly simple!

1. Went to Jerry’s Artist Outlet for supplies (Michaels will also do). Items needed: frame, textured paper, paint, brushes, ruler, exacto blade, and satin varnish spray.

DIY Artwork Frame

2. Pick frame size based on your needs. We chose a 30 X 40 as we wanted it to nearly be the width of our bed’s headboard.

3. Pick paint color. Given our bedroom’s color scheme we chose gold.


4. Paint frame. Allow drying time (at least two hours) and then add a second coat. This will get rid of streaks and allow for a smooth finish.

DIY Artwork Frame

5. When dry, spray frame with satin varnish for protection.

DIY Artwork Frame

6. Cut paper to frame size with an exacto blade. Use a ruler to ensure measurements are exact and paper is cut straight. Secret: The truth is that the border of the frame will hide slight imperfections.

DIY Artwork Frame

7. Take paper to local printer like a Staples or Kinkos for printing. Only non-DIY item I chose to do; I did vinyl cut out letters. Should you want to stencil in the writing you can certainly do so.  Additionally, if you are doing a smaller version of this an at home printer will do the job!

DIY Artwork Frame

8. Insert “painting” into frame and voilà, just another thing hanging over our heads!

DIY Artwork Frame

Hope you enjoyed! Happy decorating my dear event fashionistas!

P.S. Bedroom reveal coming soon to le blog!

{Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario}

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  • Beautiful! hehe – Mega Minimal! I love it!

  • Nicole

    This is awesome! Question: Did you crumple the paper to get that crumbled look? Also, where did you order the vinyl letters?

    • Thanks so much Nicole! Yes, I basically crumbled the paper myself although you can probably find textured paper that looks just like this. As for the vinyl letters, I went to a local vinyl printer in New Jersey that did it for me. Although, you can definitely find someone on Etsy that would do it. Hope this helps!

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