DIY Hostess Gift ~ Yogurt Parfaits!

DIY Yogurt Parfait- Hostess Gift We’ve all been there: You decide to host friends and family only to wake up to the aftermath of the previous night’s festivities! You know, empty wine bottles, dirty dishes, and a messy apartment. Now don’t get me wrong, the celebration is so worth it (I live for this stuff), but the cleaning — oh the cleaning — I detest! Who wants to tackle this the morning after?! Not me! And, imagine doing all of this with a hangover? Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

So, when I’m attending someone’s shindig, I am sure to bring something along that will make their next morning just a tad easier.

Enter DIY yogurt parfaits. Super easy to assemble and not to mention thoughtful. You are officially taking care of breakfast and trust me, this is always a hit!

Here’s what you ‘ll need:

1. Non-fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt — Any kind really. On sale, yes I’ll take it!

2. Low Fat Granola: I normally use the Low Fat Granola Cereal with almonds from Trader Joe’s

3. Strawberries (or really any kind of fruit). I’ve been known to use blueberries or a mixture of both.

And all you’ll do is layer into a container — I used mason jars for an extra dosage of cuteness!

Okay, let’s do this. A layer of yogurt, a layer of granola, a layer of sliced strawberries and repeat until your vessel is full! It’s that easy.

Step 1: DIY Yogurt Parfait- Hostess Gift Step 2: DIY Yogurt Parfait- Hostess Gift Step 3: DIY Yogurt Parfait- Hostess Gift Step 4: DIY Yogurt Parfait- Hostess Gift For an extra something — something — print out “Thank You” tags and tie them around your container using a ribbon like I did.

Hostess Tip: Printing these out at home in your favorite font are always the way to go. Are these cute or what?!

Step 5: DIY Yogurt Parfait- Hostess Gift Need more ideas?! Here are another three DIY hostess gifts that are super simple and totally worth it!

A S’mores Kit: In a clear gift box fill with some graham crackers, marshmallows and a chocolate bar. Tie with a ribbon and voilà!

An Ice Cream Sundae Kit: Gather waffle/sugar cones, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips—really the more the better. Separate toppings by putting them into individual food bags and then place all components into a large box. This will have any hostess singing with joy!

A Lemonade Kit: If you want to get a bit more fancy, buy your hostess a pitcher (you can get a cheap, but stylish one at Target for about $15). Fill with fresh, whole lemons and some sugar packed in a food bag. For an extra touch, print a lemonade recipe like this one from and hang from handle.

I hope the next time you’re visiting someone’s house for dinner or cocktails or both, you bring along any one of these handy DIY gifts. I promise you won’t disappoint!

Until next time, keep entertaining!



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