Easy Entertaining Tips!

Easy Entertaining

Lately, we’ve been hosting gatherings nonstop and I, of course couldn’t be happier!

Let’s see in a week’s time frame we’ve hosted:

1. Sunday Night Family Dinner

2. Celebratory drinks and homemade pizza for those who worked on my first You Tube video

3. Impromptu celebration for my best friend’s engagement (Over the moon, ecstatic!)

4. Dinner and cocktails for our friends going away festivities! (Good Luck!)

5. Saturday night dinner party with friends, you know, just because!

Its been such a hosting whirlwind that it got me thinking. How do you lovelies feel about impromptu hosting?! Is it a bit overwhelming at times?  I’d thought I shared some must haves so it never has to be! Super easy, I promise.

1. Two bottles of wine—white and red, variety always helps!

Easy Entertaining

2. Fancy barware—You have to dress it up! Serving your wine in gorgeous glasses always impresses your guests. Place them in a serving tray and you’ve got a home run!

Easy Entertaining

3. A variety of snacks—Foods that can be jazzed up. A good example is cheese and its accompanying friends. Like crackers and/or bread. Want to get “event fashionista” with it, add some nuts or a spread/compote and voilà!

Easy Entertaining

Easy, right? I hope that having these items on hand allows you to spend more time in your closet (for the best outfit!) rather than time in the kitchen!

Happy entertaining event fashionistas!

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  • Oh, yes that homemade pizza you whipped up was so delicious! Thank you for such great hosting. xoxo

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