Easy GALentine’s Day Entertaining!

Easy Galentines Day!
Valentine’s day is quickly approaching so gather your girlfriends and celebrate the day. Galentine’s day!

It is a fun way to praise the girls who love you no matter how many times you complain about your boss or how many times, I… I mean YOU ask for a wine refill. Ha-Ha! So, in the spirit of Valentine’s day ideas, I hosted my girlfriends at my apt before hitting the town and painting it red.

Total side note and hostess tip. I’m a complete proponent of hosting drinks or apps. at home before going out. Nothing gets the party going than the sound of glasses clinking before dinner!

Okay, so now onto what I did. I bought some jelly filled donuts and XO cookies that I found at Whole Foods. They seemed most appropriate but more than that looked and if I do say so myself, tasted DELICIOSO!

Galentine's Day Entertaining

Styling is always key. So, I brought out my Home Goods cake stand and placed my treats onto it. Because, let’s be honest this takes hardly any effort but raises your hostess cred to a whole another level!

Next up, my favorite part, cocktails. This quick and easy recipe is one that I keep on rotation.

Here’s all you’ll need:

Champagne and sparkling grapefruit juice (I also purchased this at Whole Foods). Recipe is 2/3 champagne, 1/3 sparkling grapefruit juice and voilà you’ve got yourself a fashionable champagne beverage!

It’s pink, festive and outright perfection!

Oh, and the straws turned stirrers, super easy. Stay tuned for a step by step tutorial next week!

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I hope this easy entertaining idea inspires you to host your girls for Valentine’s day. It’s the perfect excuse to grab some cocktails and cheers the night away.

Happy Galentine’s day lovelies!



P.S. Need some other Valentine’s day ideas, check out my Pinterest board. I be pinning, I be pinning!

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