Endless Eats: Gringo’s- A Mexican Taqueria With A Twist!

Hello lovelies! Welcome to another episode of Endless Eats! Today, I’m sharing my visit to Gringo’s, a Mexican taqueria with a hipster twist. This Jersey City hotspot features cocktails on tap (yup, on tap!) and a list of tacos that will have you saying they are finger licking good. If that weren’t enough Instagram selfies are a must because sombreros and maracas are available for use. So, grab your props and snap away!

It is also a great place to gather friends for a fun night out. If you want to paint the town red make sure to make Gringo’s a stop! Okay, now go visit, have an El Chapo cocktail and a Señor Pulpo taco. Okay wait, maybe you should have the Kim Jong Un Taco or maybe the El Pollo ‘Al Pastor’ taco. Umm, never mind, just try them all because I promise, Gringo’s won’t disappoint!

Gringo’s is located at 12 Coles Street in Jersey City, NJ. They also have a second location in Staten Island!

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