The Ultimate DIY Holiday Coffee & Dessert Bar!

holiday coffee bar

Hello Lovelies!

During this holiday season, host your family and friends for a morning full of Starbucks® coffee and Lindt LINDOR truffles. Everyone wants to start his or her day with some mouthwatering goodness. So alongside your warm coffee and creamy truffles, add some milk, sugar, doughnuts, and any other favorites you deem a perfect fit. To top it off, DIY your very own fashionable yet functional “Coffee Bar” sign! It is the perfect touch to your ultimate holiday coffee and dessert bar. So, fill up your cup, head over to Target to pick up your items and enjoy the best of both worlds. Read More

Mother’s Day Flowers—DIY Style!

Hello lovelies!

Today we are talking Mother’s Day. It’s less than a week away and I know many of you are hunting for ideas on what to get your moms. Well, have no fear! Mother’s Day flowers are always top of mind (at least at the top of my mind) but of course with the holiday come the spike in prices. Frustrating, I know!

So, I’m here to show you how to avoid all that nonsense and get you the cutest, most Instagram-able Mother’s Day flowers and packaging you can find. Better yet make! Read More

How To Clean Your Wine Decanter!

Hello Lovelies,

Here’s the Endlessly Elated tip of the week: How To Clean Your Wine Decanter. You know, getting rid of that one pesky, red wine stain at the bottom of your wine decanter even though you can’t even reach the bottom. Well have no fear! Watch on and learn how easy it is.

Need the steps handy? Here they are. Read More

Two Easy Easter Ideas For Your Party!

Hello lovelies!

Easter Sunday is almost here and I’ve teamed up with Le Grand Courtâge to bring you two easy Easter ideas! So easy, it makes me feel like I’m cheating. Or maybe I am! 🙂

First up tea sandwiches in the shape of bunnies, I know so cute! Then Easter inspired DIY hanging tags for your mini sparkling wine bottles. These are such a perfect “Thank You” that sending your guests home with one will definitely put you at the top of the best hostess list. Scoring the points! Ha-Ha! Read More

Host An Oscar Night Party—DIY Stirrers & Skewers!

Alright lovelies, you’re almost there! Now that you’ve watch my video and have the prosciutto, goat cheese and truffle oil crostini recipe, it is time for the finishing touches. These DIY stirrers/ skewers are the perfect addition to your Oscar Night Party! Okay who am I kidding, they are the perfect addition to any P-A-R-T-A-E. So without further ado, shall we get started? Read More

DIY GALentine’s Day Drink Stirrers!

Easy Galentines Day!

If you read my Easy Galentine’s Day Entertaining post you saw these cute drink stirrers and as promised here’s the tutorial. They are so easy to make and are sure to style up any drink. So, shall we get started? Read More

Super Bowl Party DIY French Fry Bar!

Super Bowl Party DIY French Fry Bar
And it’s healthy!

Super bowl is around the corner and my inner hostess is already doing the happy dance. In preparation for what’s going to be a day of indulging, I’m planning a full-blown menu. Stating the obvious, I know! Read More

DIY Holiday Floral Arrangement!

Hi Lovelies

We are in full holiday swing and this month I’ll be bringing you some quick, easy tips on how to prep your home, tables and cocktails for none other than my favorite holiday, Christmas—Insert my happy dance! Read More

DIY Hostess Gift ~ Yogurt Parfaits!

DIY Yogurt Parfait- Hostess Gift We’ve all been there: You decide to host friends and family only to wake up to the aftermath of the previous night’s festivities! You know, empty wine bottles, dirty dishes, and a messy apartment. Now don’t get me wrong, the celebration is so worth it (I live for this stuff), but the cleaning — oh the cleaning — I detest! Who wants to tackle this the morning after?! Not me! And, imagine doing all of this with a hangover? Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Read More

Tricks to Styling Store Bought Flowers

Styling store bought flowers

What’s my guilty pleasure, you ask? Flowers! Flowers! And more flowers! They just instantaneously pretty up any room. However, my obsession can get pretty costly so I’ve found ways to not break the bank and still get what I want. Enter the grocery store blooms! Truth be told, they aren’t always in the best shape but they certainly fill the void plus a good size bunch will always run you less than $20 bucks! Read More

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