Plan a party in a week! {Plus a Checklist!}

Okay, so I know how crazy our lives can be between managing work and play, but it’s literally my mission to help you see how important it is to celebrate life’s small moments. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always celebrated the smallest of things even if my friends and family thought I was being a bit excessive. Countless conversations have started and ended like this, “Kathy, I totally appreciate it but trust me I don’t need the hoopla. We don’t need to celebrate.” Me: “Okay, so I’ll see you on Saturday at eight! Dress up!” Read More

How To Pretty Up Your Food!

I attended an Elie Tahari event last week and was inspired by their food presentation. I’m a sucker for pretty things and food is no different. So, when I spotted what I thought was a mini ice cream cone only to realize it was actually bruschetta with mozzarella, I was sold! I needed to try this at home!

So, watch on as I show you a few fun ways to pretty up your food just in time for your next fashionable soiree.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Thanks for the invite, Jennifer!



Hosting an Engagement Party!

Hosting an Engagement Party
This past weekend I hosted a surprise, engagement party for my best friend and her fiancé {pronouncing it like it counts, lol!}. I can’t believe just a few weeks ago we sat in my living room, joking, asking all of you to provide your insight on, “how to get a ring.” {See here} Yes, we were joking but I can’t believe it’s now a reality!

Today I’m completely overjoyed to know that two of my favorite people are engaged! So hosting a fashionable soirée in their honor was my pleasure {or more like my obsession}. What can I say, I live for this stuff! Read More

Celebrating Friends on this Valentine’s Day!

Celebrating Valentine's Days

Today, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving our “berry” special friends these home made chocolate chip cookies!

{Yes, the play on words isn’t spot on but it’s what I would normally say! Silly me, I know!} Read More

Hostess Gift: Vino with a twist!

Hostess Gift Wine

The holiday season is in full swing and the fashionable festivities are quickly approaching! So, having a few fabulous hostess gifts under your belt is a definite must! After all, we are event fashionistas. Read More

Perfect Hostess Gift! 

Perfect Hostess Gift: Flowers

As we await the countless invitations to our family and friends’ holiday parties, we must always prepare to not come empty handed. So, throughout the next few weeks I’ll be posting some easy gifts that are both thoughtful and fashionable. Stating the obvious, I know! After all, we are event fashionistas! Up first a bouquet of blooms! Read More

DIY Artwork!

DIY Artwork Frame

One of my husband’s passions is art so when I was inspired to do a DIY “painting” during one of my Pinterest binges I knew just the person to talk to! As some of you may know, we just moved into a new apartment so decorating and making it our own has been top of mind! And what better way than to create our own artwork!

Here’s what we did and believe it or not it was shockingly simple! Read More

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