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My Home Goods & Target Holiday Haul

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving (for those of you that celebrate it) amongst family and friends and of course, I hope you ate lots and lots of delicious food. But now that Thanksgiving is over, you guessed it…drum roll, please…Christmas is officially here! Yup, pump up the volume on those Christmas tunes and start celebrating! Read More

I Was On The Rachael Ray Show!! Ahh, Dreams Do Come True!

Hello Lovelies!

This past week was epic and I’m still in shock that within just a few days, I appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, hosted a holiday event (where people actually showed up!) and a full article was written about me in Livin’ Americana. I can not even begin to explain how grateful I am for all of your support. I’m just an average girl going after my dreams and you have made it possible for me to dream bigger than I ever imagined. So, thank you! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Read More

Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers – Try This Delicious Oven Roasted Turkey Slider!

Hello lovelies!

Our Thanksgiving preparation continues on! Today, I’m sharing an easy Thanksgiving appetizer that can also be the perfect left over meal, since you’ll already have turkey laying around. Watch on and as always if you need anything else, let me know in the comments below. Read More

Thanksgiving Ideas! Shall We Get Started With The Good Ol’ Thanksgiving Tablescape?!

thanksgiving table ideas bauli cake

Hello Lovelies!

Halloween is officially behind us and for me this means that the holiday season will be here in no time. With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, I thought I’d begin by sharing some ideas for the upcoming festivities. You know, to give us some time to prepare. So today, I’ve partnered up with Bauli desserts to bring you this Thanksgiving tablescape. The perfect table idea for your fabulous, everyone will be talking about it—Thanksgiving festivities! Read More

Halloween Party or More Like The Unwind Adults After Party: Table Décor Included!

halloween table ideas
Hello Lovelies!

Halloween is quickly approaching and as you start planning, here is an idea for a simple, adults only gathering, table décor included. Because let’s be real, after all that trick or treating with the kids, you and your friends will need a place to sit, eat some appetizers, drink some vino and completely unwind. So, instruct the kids to go eat their candy and play amongst themselves because it is mommy, aunty, mina (what my goddaughter calls me) time! Let the Halloween party…I mean, let the unwinding begin! Read More

Celebrate Fourth of July With My Strawberry, Rosé Punch Recipe!

Hello Lovelies!

Fourth of July is almost here and to kick off the festivities I’m sharing my strawberry, rosé  punch recipe. It is the perfect cocktail for a Fourth of July party and the best part about is that you can make this ahead of time and not worry that you need to play bartender all night long. A girl needs to enjoy her party, right?! Ha-Ha!

Watch on and see how to make this delicious punch recipe! Read More

Mother’s Day Flowers—DIY Style!

Hello lovelies!

Today we are talking Mother’s Day. It’s less than a week away and I know many of you are hunting for ideas on what to get your moms. Well, have no fear! Mother’s Day flowers are always top of mind (at least at the top of my mind) but of course with the holiday come the spike in prices. Frustrating, I know!

So, I’m here to show you how to avoid all that nonsense and get you the cutest, most Instagram-able Mother’s Day flowers and packaging you can find. Better yet make! Read More

The Best Margarita Recipe. The Pineapple Margarita!

best pineapple margarita recipe
Last week we were all about Mexican street corn for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities. This mouthwatering recipe is a definite must try and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then watch, here!

With that said, it was only right to pair this delicious corn with a just as delicious cocktail. Enter the best margarita recipe ever. The pineapple margarita that is! This tropical drink will have you transported to a pristine beach and sunny skies in no time! And since you’re playing fabulous hostess or as I like to refer to it “being an event fashionista” (Yes, it’s a state of being, ha-ha!) then this cocktail recipe is a no brainer! Get ready to scream, “best margarita recipe eva!” Read More

Cinco De Mayo: Mexican Street Corn Recipe (Elotes)

Hello Lovelies!

Today we are celebrating the upcoming Cinco De Mayo festivities! I’m showing you how to make Mexican street corn also known as Elotes in Spanish. This recipe is super simple and will have you licking your fingers tips.


Watch on and learn how to make this delicious recipe for some good ol’ Cinco de Mayo entertaining!

Need the written steps? Not to worry!

Here’s what you’ll need. Read More

Two Easy Easter Ideas For Your Party!

Hello lovelies!

Easter Sunday is almost here and I’ve teamed up with Le Grand Courtâge to bring you two easy Easter ideas! So easy, it makes me feel like I’m cheating. Or maybe I am! 🙂

First up tea sandwiches in the shape of bunnies, I know so cute! Then Easter inspired DIY hanging tags for your mini sparkling wine bottles. These are such a perfect “Thank You” that sending your guests home with one will definitely put you at the top of the best hostess list. Scoring the points! Ha-Ha! Read More

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