Event Fashionista Must Haves for Hosting Happy Hour!

As you all know I live to fashionably entertain! So, here are a few Event Fashionista essentials to hosting happy hour, which I must admit I do quite often!

Hosting Happy Hour

1. A Bar Cart {It’s an event fashionista’s mobile party!}

2. A selection of your favorite cocktails {After all, it is happy hour!}

3. Fabulous Champagne Flutes /Wine Glasses/Beer mugs {Whatever works! We need you feeling Endlessly Elated!}

4. Fashionable Coasters {Gals, dress up your drinks like you would yourselves! We are fashionably entertaining!}

5. A fabulous outfit {It is clear that we need no excuse!}

 Chin! Chin! Cocktail O’clock has arrived!

Endlessly Elated,



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