Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa Deleon Bournias

Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa

Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe how elated (no pun intended) I was when Melissa Ruta, also an event fashionista herself {Read all about her here} picked Vanessa Deleon to be our next feature. Our very own event fashionista!

You see, Vanessa is all fabulosity! Or how she would describe it, “Glamilistic.” A termed she coined while staring on HGTV’s hit TV Show “Design Star.” Since, then she has made countless television appearances including Restaurant Impossible, Designer’s Challenge, Generation Renovation, and most recently on NBC’s “American Dream Builders” (just to name a few).  Oh and let’s not forget a successful entrepreneur who built her business from the ground up and has professional accolades that could fill up anyone’s wall! A fabulous designed wall, that is!

So, having her on the event fashionista list is simply an honor!.  Read on as we chitchat on her must haves, design tidbits, and much more!

Q. What does being an event fashionista mean to you?

A. That’s easy! Simply put, it means being naturally fabulous without even trying—and we must say she is! Her infectious warmth and contagious energy could be easily felt across the room.

Q. What best describes your design style? Your fashion style?

A. My design style like my fashion style is something I call “Glamilistic.” It’s a minimalistic approach with a hint of glamour.  Truthfully, a girl can’t ever forget her glamour! In other words, it’s Fifth Avenue meets the Lower East Side or the 1920s meet 2020. Two different design styles that when properly combined aesthetically work!

Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa

Q. Your go to item when designing your own space, favorite accessory?

A. Accessories take everything up a notch! It’s all about glamour! So, for me having my fashion design books sit atop my coffee table as well as my Hermes throw blanket is just about all I need.—Yes, ladies! Hermes made an appearance. If that’s not “Glamilistic” I don’t know what is!

Q. You’re, “oh so fashionable!” What’s your favorite fashion tip?

A. Ladies, do not over accessorize. Remove an extra piece before walking out the door! Over doing it is so out of style!  Also, I’m a true believer that mixing high-end couture fashion with budget friendly clothing is a perfect match. For example, you can always find me in Chanel boots with a Target tee on. You’d never know the difference!

Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa

Q. Advice tidbit for future event fashionistas?

A. Confidence is the best accessory you can wear! So, show it off!

Come on, share some more!

Q. Your proudest moment?

A. Getting selected for HGTV’s Design Star and starting my own design business at the age of 20. Its been a dream come true! –fabulous, right?!

Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa

Q. A fun fact people don’t know about you?

A. I love love to drive fast cars and cooking delicious Cuban dishes, well that’s my specialty!

Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa

Q. Ultimate guilty pleasure?

A. Watching romantic comedies!

Q. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A. Always follow your gut and at least give it 24 hours before you react.—Totally taking this one in!

Event Fashionista Series: Meet Vanessa

Q. Pick! Pick! Who should be our next event fashionista!

A. That would be Zorana Selakovic, It’s her turn!

It was a truly amazing experience to have had the opportunity to sit down with Vanessa. She’s the epitome of a go-getter and for that she serves as an inspiration to all of us! So, cheers to her and all her “Glamilistic” ways!

To learn more about Vanessa~ Click Here!

{Fashionable Photo Credit: MJR Photography}


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