Event Fashionista Series: Meet Zorana Selakovic!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Zorana

When Zorana and I first discussed her feature and what she would share—normally amongst the obvious choices are fashionable tablescapes, home entertaining soirees, or beautifully designed rooms—after all we are event fashionistas, right?! Her choice was simple. “My gallery wall,” she replied! It made total sense. She’s an interior designer, gallery walls are in, so a feature on one was a no brainer!

But quickly upon entering her apartment and talking to her no more than two seconds, I realized that there was much more to her wall than met the eye.

Her wall was her story. Her journey. Each item representative of her life. It consisted of hand painted items from family and friends. Plane tickets of her extensive travels around the world. It was simply filled with distant memories that were easily resurrected as she detailed each memory.

Zorana is truly an inspiration! She reminded me why I started this series in the first place! To create a space where I could feature women just like you and me. Women who celebrate life—those who entertain, design, and are oh, so fashionable. But most importantly, those who are inspirational!

So, go ahead and read on! Learn a bit more about Zorana and her fabulousness!

Q. What does being an event fashionista mean to you?

A. An event fashionista means always showcasing your style even when it’s different than others. It also means observing the style of those around you and letting it serve as inspiration. You never know what you might see and learn and most importantly actually like! So, be true to yourself!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Zorana

Q. What best describes your design style? Your fashion style? 

A. ​The best word that describes both my design and fashion style is eclectic. I love to mix different elements together. So, whether it is metals, finishes, textures, I don’t discriminate. Color also plays a huge part. I like to give things a pop of color and my fashion is no different. Mixing different colors that normally don’t go together or color blocking are definitely two of my favorite things! It’s all about living colorfully!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Zorana

Q. Your go to item when designing a space, your favorite accessory?

A. Mirrors are my IT accessory! Any shape, size, color and/or finish, it really doesn’t matter! They truly transform a space in so many different ways. A mirror’s reflection can give the illusion of a bigger space. It can also bring the outside in by picking up its surroundings lights and colors {Umm, design tip! Totally incorporating this into my home!}

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Zorana

Q. You’re, “oh so fashionable!” What’s your favorite fashion tip?

A. ​ Don’t hesitate to mix and match different shapes, colors, and textures. Your style is reflection of you and your personality. So, work it!

Q. Advice tidbit for future event fashionistas?

A. Through life, depict your personality. It’s the best representation of you!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Zorana

Come on, share some more!

Q. Your proudest moment?

A. There are so many! But since I have to choose one, I would have to say it is when I moved to U.S. I was eighteen and wanted to experience a different kind of life, culture and language. The truth is I set out to do it, actually did it, and loved it so much that the rest is history!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Zorana

Q. A fun fact people don’t know about you?

A. Hmm….Some would say I’m a hoarder, but I just love to collect things. I get attached to the stories behind these memories ​and have a hard time parting with them. That’s not wrong, right?! {I say absolutely not. Listening to her stories via the memories on her gallery wall was truly a treat. It allowed me to learn so much about her!}

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Zorana

Q. Ultimate guilty pleasure? 

A. Now, this is an easy one! A Cuban sandwich from ​Havana café in SoHo.

Q. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

 A. Life is too short, so always look on the bright side. It’s a cup half full mentality!

Q. Pick! Pick! Who should be the next Event Fashionista?

A. Marcy Benner , it’s your turn! Work it!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Zorana

Zorana, it was a true pleasure to meet you! I am so glad I was able to learn your story. Thanks for all the tips you shared and those amazing crepes! We must do it all over again, but next time over a glass of wine! Cheers to you!!

{Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario}

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