“Event Fashionista” Your Coffee Table!

Styling the Coffee Table

We all know that your coffee table serves as the focal point of your entire living area. So, ensuring that you achieve that “oh so perfect” look is a must!

Here are some tips in defining your coffee table style:

1. A tray—It not only allows for organization but it also provides dimension.

2. Natural elements— For me, it’s a plant. I place mine in a vessel within my tray. Usually anchoring it in a corner.

3. A Candle—It sets the ambiance and gives off scent. Pick your staple aroma and don’t forget the matches. Functionality is key!

4. A box—For storage that is. It’s a perfect way to hide those pesky remote controls that totally take away from your stylish décor.

5. Books— Choose picture filled, hard covered books. This allows guests to browse as they wait for that fabulous cocktail/meal you are whipping up!

6. Lastly, make it personal.  Add in one or two elements that define your style. It’s time to strut your stuff!

Styling the Coffee Table

Styling the Coffee Table

Styling the Coffee Table

Happy Styling!

Coffee Table Essentials: Table: West Elm//Tray: West Elm// Candle: West Elm// Mirrored Box: West Elm// Candle Snuffer: Etsy

{Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario}

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