This Girl Goes French With This Parisian Style Outfit!

Hello Lovelies!

As you all know, my life’s motto is to celebrate everyday life (no need for a “reason”) and celebrating life definitely involves my wardrobe. I mean haven’t you ever put on a fabulous outfit and felt like a million bucks? Somehow strutting your stuff gave you a bit more oomph to say… go grab a cocktail after work, or catch-up with an old friend, or even do something spontaneous? A good outfit definitely makes you want to celebrate life! Read More

The Perfect Little Blue Dress— A Fashion Outfit For A Night Out!

fashion club monaco brionia feather dress
Hello lovelies! If you saw my hat collection video, you know I mentioned making February a fashion month—EE (Endlessly Elated) does FF (Fashion February). 🙂  All in all, I said I would bring more fashion into 2017 because after all a girl loves a good outfit and a fabulous pair of shoes. Don’t we all? Ha-ha! Read More

How To Wear A Scarf! 10 Ways To Do So!

Hello lovelies!

A couple of weeks ago, I received a text from my dear cousin who said she was struggling on how to wear her scarf and had spent the last ten minutes trying to figure it out. So, I quickly came to the rescue (ha-ha!) and created this video. Hope you all enjoy!

As always, thank you so much for watching and please, please don’t forget to subscribe!

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Three Leather Jacket Outfits: Fashion Look book!

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I’m sharing my first ever fashion look book! We are talking three leather jacket outfits for any occasion! Watch on and of course, if you want more of these just let me know in the comments below. Read More

A Casual Outfit For A Night Out On The Town!

Zara red dress

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I’m sharing my casual outfit for a night out on the town. Sneakers and all! Read More

Six Fall Fashion Must Haves!

Fall fashion is like the cherry to my sundae. It’s utterly perfect. The cozy sweaters, the stylish booties, and the oh, so fabulous leather jackets are outright perfection.

So, while the weather is still cooperating, these staple pieces keep my wardrobe feeling fresh and definitely in season! Read More

Shirt? Dress? Or Both?! Fashion For A Night Out!

After a little shopping at Anthropologie and snatching up this fabulous find, my mind started swirling with ideas. Different ways to wear it while—of course—figuring out how to play hostess in it.

Remember hosting is all about planning a night out or a night in, gathering family and friends and celebrating just about anything. Case in point, it’s Friday night! Read More

Summer to Fall Fashion Outfit!

Summer to Fall outfit Lately I’ve been doing lots of cardio, shopping cardio that is and in my world that counts! I can just feel the calories burning, but then again so is my wallet. So, I’ve decided to take a little hiatus from the good ole’ shopping spree and instead start going through my closet to find some hidden treasures. I mean haven’t you ever gone through your closet/drawers and found something you totally forgot you had? It’s like you hit the lottery, right?! Read More

Fall Fashion Is On Its Way!

Fall Transition Outfit

It saddens me to say it but summer is almost over and to wash away my sorrows, I decided a little shopping spree would do the trick. It’s only fair that as my favorite season comes to an end, my favorite FASHION season begins to blossom. Read More

Fashion Pop Up Shop Event!

Fashion Pop Up Shop Event - Kyrzaida & Substance Salon
This weekend I had the pleasure of designing my friend, Kyrzayda’s Pop Up Shop. An intimate affair to announce the launch of her very own online boutique. The stakes were high given her impeccable style so designing the event “a la fashionista” was a must! Read More

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