Summer to Fall Fashion Outfit!

Summer to Fall outfit Lately I’ve been doing lots of cardio, shopping cardio that is and in my world that counts! I can just feel the calories burning, but then again so is my wallet. So, I’ve decided to take a little hiatus from the good ole’ shopping spree and instead start going through my closet to find some hidden treasures. I mean haven’t you ever gone through your closet/drawers and found something you totally forgot you had? It’s like you hit the lottery, right?! Read More

It’s All About The Peplum Top!

As per usual, this past weekend was a whirlwind. Between shooting, writing blog posts and catching up on emails I seemed to blink and Sunday had arrived. However, I did find sometime after the craziness to have a local date night with my husband. Read More

Lunch Fashion!

Our friends invited us to lunch last Sunday and of course, the only words out of my mouth were, “shall I bring the champs?” And that’s all that was needed to start a Sunday fun day. First they hosted us for sushi {my fave!} and then we hosted them for some afternoon cocktails. It was a win, win for all! Read More

Fashion Pop Up Shop Event!

Fashion Pop Up Shop Event - Kyrzaida & Substance Salon
This weekend I had the pleasure of designing my friend, Kyrzayda’s Pop Up Shop. An intimate affair to announce the launch of her very own online boutique. The stakes were high given her impeccable style so designing the event “a la fashionista” was a must! Read More

An Outfit For A Summer Night Out!

A Summer Night Outfit
Summer has officially arrived and to celebrate the start of my favorite season, I hosted a girl’s night out, filled with food and cocktails at one of my favorite restaurants. Read More

Fashion For My Sister-in-Law’s Birthday Bash!

birthday fashion outfit
This past Saturday I helped host my sister-in-law’s birthday soiree and no party would be complete without some fashionable fashion! Read More

Fashion meets Date Night!

This weekend I hosted my husband to date night and while we stood in, I decided to doll up! I wanted to go for a casual yet fun look. So, this Plum Pretty Sugar romper came out to play. Besides, the desperate tan I need (mother nature please cooperate) this effortless look (sans the sunglasses) came together. Hope you enjoy the quick video!

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