The Ultimate List of Father’s Day Gifts!


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Hello lovelies!

Father’s day is this Sunday so to help out I’ve compiled a list of seven amazing father’s day gifts that won’t disappoint! Best part is that they are all under $50 bucks!

So, let’s do some last minute shopping and get dad a great gift!

  1. Is your dad all about the grill? If so, the Brookstone motorized grill brush for just $30 bucks is perfect! It will steam clean that dirty grill up in minutes and your dad will definitely be thanking you!
    Brookstone Motorized Grill Brush

    Photo via Brookstone

  2. On the topic of grilling, how about pairing that motorized brush with some gourmet BBQ sauces? These sauces are the perfection addition for any grill master. So, whether dad decides to slather the meat with Stonewall Kitchen’s maple chipotle sauce or their honey barbecue sauce it will surely get the festivities going.
    Stonewall Kitchen BBQ Sauces

    Photo via Stonewall Kitchen

  3. Did anyone say technology? Guaranteed that dad will love the Belkin WeMo Switch. This gadget makes it possible for dads everywhere to watch the game while operating any electronic device from the comfort of his man cave or couch! So, have no fear he can watch the game and power on the slow cooker to get that shredded beef going for his favorite tacos!
    Belkin WeMo Switch

    Photo via Belkin

  4. Is dad a beer guy? I know my dad definitely was. A craft beer sampler bucket can be a great gift for any beer connoisseur. Need I say more?!
    BroBasket Beer Sampler Bucket

    Photo via BroBasket

  5. No worries, not a beer guy? How about a wine guy? The Corkcicle, reusable wine cork will have any wine chilled to perfection. It is time for dad to be sip, sipping away!
    Corkcicle Wine Chiller

    Photo via Corkcicle

  6. Is dad a foodie? Does he love his guacamole? This mortar and pestle from Williams Sonoma will have him whipping up his famous recipe in no time! Total side note, my husband would die for one of these. Must buy it for him. After all, he technically is a doggie dad.  🙂

    Photo via Williams Sonoma

  7. And lastly but certainly not least. Let’s keep dad looking good. Enter the Ultimate Panasonic beard & mustache trimmer. For only $35 bucks dad will get a seamless trim and look amazing on his special day!
    Ultimate Panasonic Beard Trimmer

    Photo via Panasonic

Okay guys, I hope this list of father’s day gifts under $50 bucks gets your juices flowing and has you picking out something special for dad!

Happy Father’s day to all of your dads and if you’re reading this and are one, then happy father’s day to you too!!

Until next time!





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