Need Summer Recipes?! Try this Melon, Mozzarella and Prosciutto Appetizer!

Summer Recipes

Hello lovelies!

This week I shared my summer bucket list. My must dos before the summer is officially over because for me and anyone else on the north east coast it only lasts just a couple of months, so we must take full advantage!

As part of my bucket list, hosting or attending a picnic is a definite must do. It’s the perfect excuse to invite some friends, lay out at the park, eat, drink and be merry! Sounds like a dream, if you ask me! Read More

Summer Party Ideas For Your Next Soirée!

Hello lovelies!

Summer is quickly approaching or if you’re anything like me it’s actually arrived since Memorial Day is officially behind us. So, with summer come lots of entertaining and alfresco parties. It’s the perfect time to gather your family and friends, sit around a table with food and cocktails and celebrate life! Read More

Cinco De Mayo: Mexican Street Corn Recipe (Elotes)

Hello Lovelies!

Today we are celebrating the upcoming Cinco De Mayo festivities! I’m showing you how to make Mexican street corn also known as Elotes in Spanish. This recipe is super simple and will have you licking your fingers tips.


Watch on and learn how to make this delicious recipe for some good ol’ Cinco de Mayo entertaining!

Need the written steps? Not to worry!

Here’s what you’ll need. Read More

Endlessly Elated Tip Of The Week: How To Hold A Kitchen Knife!

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Today, we talk the Endlessly Elated tip of the week; how to properly hold a kitchen knife. We want full control and no incidents, right?! So, watch on my friends!

As always, if you want more of these quick, weekly tips give this video a thumbs up and please subscribe. Till next time!



Endlessly Elated Tip Of The Week: How to Keep Bananas Fresh!

Hello Lovelies!

I’d thought I’d start this new thing where I share one simple tip each week.

This week’s tip is how to keep bananas fresh longer! Watch on and learn how easy it really is.

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Host An Oscar Night Party—Easy Appetizer Recipe!

  Oscars Party Idea
Hello lovelies!

So, now that you’ve seen my video, I assume you are hosting an Oscar Night Party. Full of glam and hollywood inspired treats, right?! Ha-Ha!

But of course if you haven’t seen it yet no worries, just click here.

As part of the big night, I promised to share my “fancy” crostini appetizer.  Here is the simple yet delicious recipe. Prosciutto, goat cheese, and truffle oil crostini coming your way! Read More

Host An Oscar Night Party!

The Oscars are less than a week away and as you start planning the festivities here are some Oscar party ideas! Watch on, lovelies! Hope these quick and easy tips inspire you to host your very own. Read More

Girl Time: Strawberry Margarita & Homemade Salsa Recipe!

stylish pre game festivities

Before a night out on the town, I usually invite my girlfriends over for a cocktail and an appetizer. I find it’s a fun way to begin what will be hours of chitchatting and uncontrollable laughter. Read More

Super Bowl Party DIY French Fry Bar!

Super Bowl Party DIY French Fry Bar
And it’s healthy!

Super bowl is around the corner and my inner hostess is already doing the happy dance. In preparation for what’s going to be a day of indulging, I’m planning a full-blown menu. Stating the obvious, I know! Read More

My Husband’s Easy Guacamole Recipe!

Easy Guacamole Recipe

For those of you who know my husband you know that he is definitely a guy’s guy. However, once in a while he breaks into his, “I am going to play stylish host” role and there’s no stopping him. He will enthusiastically describe every recipe he wants to whip up and he usually includes everything AND the kitchen sink. This simple pineapple, guacamole recipe was no exception. The conversation went something like this.

Read More

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