Champagne & Dessert Party

Champagne & Dessert Party 2

The summer has officially arrived and hosting gatherings filled with afternoon cocktails and al fresco dining is what it’s all about. Today we will begin a series of simple, yet fashionable party ideas to spark your hostess instincts. Let’s turn your good ole’ summer BBQ into a Burger Bash Extravaganza. Oh, yes and how could we forget the craft beer pairings. I mean, what’s a good burger without an ice-cold beer? Read More

How To Pretty Up Your Food!

I attended an Elie Tahari event last week and was inspired by their food presentation. I’m a sucker for pretty things and food is no different. So, when I spotted what I thought was a mini ice cream cone only to realize it was actually bruschetta with mozzarella, I was sold! I needed to try this at home!

So, watch on as I show you a few fun ways to pretty up your food just in time for your next fashionable soiree.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Thanks for the invite, Jennifer!



Fashionable Picnic + Photography Tips

Picnic Ideas

Last weekend I was at Martha’s Vineyard and the weather was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l but ever since I’ve been back it’s been so cold and dreary. So, when midweek came around and the weekend weather seemed promising, I immediately decided that a fashionable picnic was in order.

I gathered my picnic basket along with my brand spankin’ new LGG4 phone, which AT&T sent me as part of their 4K Seconds Sweepstakes Celebration {See the amazing details below, including a FREE PHONE} and headed to the park! What better way to spend the afternoon than eating, enjoying the weather, and testing out my new phone. Insert my obsession with photography! Read More

Hosting Date Night at Home!

Hosting Date Night at Home
My husband and I are now approaching our one-year anniversary (time certainly flies!) and in making sure we keep the spice alive (you know it!) we have date night at least once a week. Most of the time we try and get out. I host him or he hosts me at a local restaurant but from time to time staying home is the perfect option. And given that our apartment building has an outside area, it’s the perfect backdrop to a night in. So this weekend, we did just that. Read More

Chocolate Chess Pie!

Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe
Most of you who follow me on Social Media {if not, please do!} knew that I was in North Carolina last week for work. And although my days were long, I certainly found time to check out the food scene. After all, I can’t call myself a foodie {or what I really call myself ~see here! Forward to @ 1:02}  } unless I did. So, in the excruciating process {he! he!} of finding the best food in town my amazing friends introduced me to the chocolate chess pie. Read More

Host a Champagne & Dessert party!

Champagne & Dessert Party
As you all know, I’ll use any excuse to host a fashionable soiree. After all, I’ve dubbed myself an event fashionista for a reason. Celebrations are definitely my thing! Big or small, I don’t discriminate. If anything, I believe the everyday moments make for the best ones. And since presentation is everything, making it fashionable takes it from ordinary to extraordinary. Read More

Hot Chocolate Bar!

Hot Chocolate Bar

I’m trying my very hardest to not get into the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving, but I truly can’t help myself. After all, Christmas in my book begins the day after Thanksgiving and ends somewhere around December 26. Read More

Decorating Halloween Sweets!

Halloween Decorating

In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to creatively think of ways to spruce up the old candy bowl. So, I decided to jazz up some pumpkin crème filled cookies and chocolate chip meringues. I got my event fashionista on by decorating the meringues into little ghosts and sprinkling the cookies with festive orange sprinkles. I also made goodie bags for easy handout. It was such a simple and easy way to take ordinary sweets and turn them into stylish ones!

Read More

Cookies + Ice cream = Heaven!

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

If you know me you know very well that baking is not my forte. There is something about exact measurements that make me cringe. I live to be wild and carefree in the kitchen. Cooking to taste by adding a little of this and a little of that. So, what’s the fun in baking if you’re always half a teaspoon away from a disaster?  Right?!

Well in an attempt to give baking a fair chance, I’ve vowed that in 2015 I will attempt to really learn!

Until then, I’ll stick to the likes of the famous yet, ridiculously simple ice cream sandwich.  Not only is it a crowd pleaser but also so easy to do! Dessert in minutes!

Here’s what I did:  Read More

get elated!