My Top Five Favorite Jersey City Restaurants! Eat and Indulge!

Roman Nose Downtown Jersey City

Hello Lovelies! As many of you know, I moved to Jersey City last August (you might have seen the vlog on my horrific move!) and I’ve been eating and drinking my way through the city ever since. So, today I figured I’d share my top five Jersey City restaurants.

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Three Mouthwatering Recipes For Game Day Festivities!

Healthy Stuffed Red Peppers Recipe

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I’m sharing my stuffed red peppers recipe! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I meal prepped last week and made these. They were such a hit that I figured I’d share them with you.

So, go ahead and watch my stuffed red peppers video!

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Three, Delicious Panini “Recipes.” Perfect Comfort Food Ideas!

flatbread recipes
Hello Lovelies,

The cooler weather is officially here, so we are just in time for layers, jackets and of course comfort food. Today, I’m sharing three panini ideas that will have you grabbing seconds and thirds.

Side note: Is it me, or am I always grabbing seconds and thirds? Ha-Ha! A girl can’t help herself!  🙂 

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A Table For Two! How to Host a Date Night In.

Hello Lovelies!

Fall is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me you are ready to entertain at home, bottle of wine in hand. So, today I’ve partnered up with Louis Jadot (America’s #1 selling French wine, may I just add!) to bring you the perfect “Date Night In” idea. Read More

Create Your Very Own Taco Bar And Show Taco Tuesday Whose Boss!

Hello Lovelies!

This week I’m sharing my taco bar ideas!

Lucky for us Taco Tuesday comes every week. So, we’ve got a consistent chance to host our fabulous friends for some tacos and tequila! Yes, that’s right…tacos and tequila! Read More

Healthy Poached Eggs + Avocado Toast Recipe!

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I’m sharing my healthy poached eggs with avocado toast recipe! Super simple and no oil, butter, or even cooking spray is required!

Watch on and I hope you get inspired to make this recipe at home!

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Easy, Healthy Pizza Recipe!

Easy Pizza Recipe

During the week cooking can be a drag, so I always try and leave my more complex meals for the weekends and focus on my easy to prepare meals on the weekdays. I still love a tasty meal. I just don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen after a long work day. Don’t you all agree? Plus with the new year just starting, a healthy weeknight meal is the way to go! Because on the weekends we be brunchin’! Ha-ha!

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Summer Party Ideas For Your Next Soirée!

Hello lovelies!

Summer is quickly approaching or if you’re anything like me it’s actually arrived since Memorial Day is officially behind us. So, with summer come lots of entertaining and alfresco parties. It’s the perfect time to gather your family and friends, sit around a table with food and cocktails and celebrate life! Read More

Hosting a Memorial Day Bash With My Secret Burger Recipe!

best burger recipes
Hello Lovelies!

Memorial day is only just a few days away and hosting a BBQ is all part of the fun! Here’s the best burger recipe ever to get you started on playing hostess with the mostess! Bring on the festivities! Read More

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