Four Easy Kitchen Hacks!

Okay, I know we’ve all been here a million times. You have the best intentions to get into the kitchen and whip up the best meal you’ve ever made but somehow it ends up in disaster! If for a second you don’t think that its ever happen to me, boooyyyy will I tell you, that it has happened more often than I would like to admit.

I love to cook and entertain but I’m also known for telling my disastrous kitchen stories over a pizza pie and some beer because things just didn’t pan out the way they were suppose to.

Nevertheless, don’t those disasters make for the best stories anyways? Laughing and joking about what could have been? Confession time! My most disastrous kitchen nightmares have made for the most memorable occasions.

So, I thought I’d make a video showing you four kitchen hacks!

1. An easy trick on separating egg yolks from egg whites

2. A smart way to get juice out of a lime, lemon or any fruit—this goes out to all the girls who don’t have the strength to sqquuueeezzzee! That would be me!

3. The pot won’t ever over boil again!

4. Best way to peel potatoes—my favorite!

And although these, will never fully prevent the nightmares from happening it will at the very least make your life a bit easier! So, since it’s my greatest hope that you will celebrate life more often, making it simpler {I assume} can only help!

Watch along as I share some of my favorite, go to tips when trying to make navigating through the kitchen that much easier!

Hope you enjoy and as always don’t forget to subscribe! Pretty, pretty please!



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