Girl Talk & Cocktails Series—Episode 4!

You know what time it is. It’s girl talk and cocktails time! Except this week, I had Starbucks instead but when you watch you’ll understand why.

On this episode we chit chat about Thanksgiving, my love, okay more like my OBSESSION with Christmas and my PSA on getting things stuck between my teeth!

Aren’t my topics just ah-mazing?! Ha! Ha!

Okay, now go watch and then come back and be my co-host! Tell me what you think, what topics you want to cover next week, etc.! I can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Till next time!



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  • OMG, how adorable are you? I can’t even deal with your face!!!! LOL!

    Very entertaining, very informative, and I 100% concur about clean-teeth-courtesy. And about Christmas obsession (though you totally outrank me there, Mrs. Claus, for sure). 😉

    Enjoy your tropical vacation!!!!!! Safe travels & tan for me to!

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