Girl Talk & Cocktails Series—Episode 7!

Hello lovelies!

On this week’s episode we talk entertaining a blended family for the holidays. A fellow #eventfashionista is entertaining her Colombian, Peruvian, and Italian family. Some of which are dancers and drinkers others that are not and she needed some ideas on how to host a party where she accommodates everyone! I gave her a couple of pointers (watch on), but as always, my fellow co-hosts, if you have any input feel free to leave comments. Every little bit helps!

Next up, we talk about how my best friend eloped! Yes, you heard correctly, eloped! How do you guys feel about it? Would you do it?

And lastly but certainly not least, we talk “Instagram Husbands.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about you must watch this video, then come back and laugh with me. I literally could not stop laughing (not sure if you caught the clip on Snapchat @ Endlesslyelated). The video hit too close to home. It is so, so true! Higher, higher, higher, Ha-Ha!

As always, if you have any questions or topics let me know and please don’t forget to subscribe! Love you all to pieces and pieces!



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