Whoever Said Going After Your Dreams Was Easy… Definitely Lied!

Dream Big Hi Lovelies! Whoever said that going after your dreams is easy, never went after theirs. The truth is that going after your dreams is a whole lot of work…and I mean A WHOLE LOT OF work. But truth be told, going after your passion, doing what sets your soul on fire is completely worth it!

Having struggled for as long as I did with the idea of going after what I wanted and having the “stable” life I created, I can honestly say that no matter how many times I’ve cried myself to sleep when something I wanted didn’t pan out, or how many days, weeks, and even months of energy went into something only to find out it became a no go, or simply working consistently into the wee hours of the night to the point of being delirious, I can truly say that I would and still will choose to be a girl boss!

So, in honor of hitting 19,000 followers on Instagram I wanted to take the time to not only thank you for helping me realize my dreams but to remind you that you too, can choose to go after yours! Live your life the way you want to describe it when you are well into your 90’s and the goals you once had are now part of your legacy.

Show the world whose boss, girl boss that is!

I know I said this already but THANK YOU AGAIN from the bottom of my heart! I will forever be grateful for each and every one of YOU!

Dream Bigger

Until next time.



P.S. If you missed my Inststories, this “19k” photo shoot was an epic fail. First the “K” hit a staple on a telephone pole and popped and then the “9” flew away because they didn’t tie it properly to the ribbon. Thankfully, I managed to get some pictures, although the “K” never made it onto the camera…and I call myself an Instagrammer. Ha-ha!  😆

P.P.S. Here are the five steps that prepped me to quit my job and finally go after my dreams!

Go After Your Dreams

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