Hail to the nightstand! Bedside styling at its finest!

Style your nightstand

When it comes to styling my nightstand, I’m of the school of thought that less is more. I prefer to keep it clean and organized. My bedroom must scream serenity and my nightstand is no exception!

Here are a few simple items I used to achieve my fashionable yet clean look.

1. Lighting—I usually go for a table lamp that I position on the far right/left of each nightstand. It provides the illusion of more space.

2. A cool looking clock—For me, it’s a vintage inspired one. It’s charming and defines my style.

3. A small tray—I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s a must! This small item acts as a home for jewelry, glasses, and any other small trinkets.

4. Flowers/candle—It’s just an obsession I have and I can’t help it. These two things totally transform a room!

Style your nightstand


Style your nightstand


Style your nightstand

Not enough, here are two more items that allow you to continue to get your “event fashionista” on:

5. A fabulous frame with your favorite photo—I always go for a candid one that reminds me of an unforgettable time.

6. Reading Material—If you read before going to bed keep your book/iPad on your nightstand. Using it for dual purpose allows you to be resourceful and stylish at the same time.

Happy Styling!

Nightstand: West Elm// Clock: Westclox// Glasses: Warby Parker// Jewelry Tray: Etsy

{Fashionable Photo Credit: MJR Photography}

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