We Are Kicking Ass and Taking Names…Happy International Women’s Day!

international womens day
Hello Lovelies!

Today, is International Women’s Day and in case it has slipped your mind just how fabulous you truly are here’s a little reminder!

We have graduated from the top schools around the world, obtained leadership positions in fortunate 500 companies, and are the CEOs of our growing empires. We bear the children of the future, who thank god for all of us will be raised to value the worth of ALL women. We continuously fight for our rights (our vaginas are not up for grabs!) and make the impossible, possible.

History shows us that we stand up for ourselves even when it’s not popular or outright dangerous—Thank you, Rosa Parks for taking a stance! Break barriers to create firsts—Thank you, Hilary Clinton for being the first female presidential nominee! And are complete bad asses—Thank you, Amelia Earhart for being the first woman to fly over the Atlantic…ON HER OWN, may I just add!

So, to all my fellow women, you are truly an inspiration to me. I feel nothing but an immense amount of honor and gratitude that I get to be one of you. That I am part of this amazing group, we call womanhood and that we don’t allow anyone and I mean anyone to get in our way. So, today and every other day after this raise your glasses and pat yourselves on the back because you, my friend, are fucking awesome!

Here’s to a full on, will never stop, can’t get enough of it, GIRL POWER!!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Love you all to pieces!


get elated!