I’m Kathleen And I Have A Hat Obsession! Here Are Some Of My Favorites!

Hello Lovelies!

Today, we are talking all about hats – my hat collection that is! Watch as I share some of my favorites.

Most of my hats are old so I wasn’t able to find the same ones, however I did find some other ones that I liked.

  1. Lack of Color – The Spencer Boater
  2. H&M –  Straw Hat
  3. Anthropologie – Ombre Knit Rancher
  4. Zara – Supersize Knit Pompom Hat
  5. Anthropologie – Pommed Bridgette Beret
  6. Lack of Color – The Muse Boater

Happy Shopping!

Thanks so much for watching and if you want to see more fashion videos, please give it a thumbs up.

zara knit pompom hat j. crew olive green fedora hat zara mustard fedora hat anthropologie wool rancher hat lack of color spencer boater hat hm black floppy hat
Until next time.



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