Healthy Breakfast Sandwich!

healthy breakfast sandwich recipe
Although indulging on the weekends is no secret, during the week I play a whole different ball game! I do my very best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes keeping my eating habits in line.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not from the school of thought that healthy equals bland or boring! If anything, I like to think that it’s the opposite. I indulge during the week just in yummy healthy delights!

To prove my point, here’s a healthy breakfast option for all of you to try:

Side note: Breakfast is my favorite, favorite meal of the day! So badly that at least one a week I eat it for dinner!

Okay and we’re back…

This is all you’ll need:

1. Two egg whites whisked with peppers, onions and chives {use cooking spray—no butter or oil!}

healthy breakfast sandwich recipe

2. One slice of American cheese

3. One slice of turkey bacon

healthy breakfast sandwich recipe

4. A couple of avocado slivers

5. Two slices of tomato

healthy breakfast sandwich recipe

6. One multigrain sandwich thin—100 calories for two slices!

7. And a big ol’ side of banana!

Delicious and absolutely healthy! Indulge on event fashionistas!

{Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario}


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