My Better Half’s Nightstand!

Styling his Nighstand

If I’m going to style my nightstand to perfection then how can I not get a little “manly” and fashionably decorate his!

Here’s what we decided for his side of the bed:  Read More

Hail to the nightstand! Bedside styling at its finest!

Style your nightstand

When it comes to styling my nightstand, I’m of the school of thought that less is more. I prefer to keep it clean and organized. My bedroom must scream serenity and my nightstand is no exception!

Here are a few simple items I used to achieve my fashionable yet clean look. Read More

Styling The Bed!

Style the bed!

After living in my mother’s DARK basement apartment for almost a whole year (Yes, craziness I know!) my husband and I decided that we wanted a very bright, airy feel to our new bedroom. After all, it’s what we had before we made the move to my parents’ house.

So in the spirit of taking you through my decorating process let’s begin with my bed. Here’s how I got my event fashionista on. Read More

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