My Moving Checklist! Top Ten tips!

Hello Lovelies!

My move continues on and as I get ready to pack up my apartment I thought I’d share my top ten moving tips. You know get a little moving checklist going! And given that my best friend just moved, put some of these to the test and said they worked out, well then that just means that they must be the best tips ever!  🙂 Read More

New Apartment, New Home Decor!

West Elm Jewelry Mirrored Box

Hello lovelies!

We are moving in roughly two months and if you saw my home décor video, you know I’m looking to make some slight changes in my new apartment without breaking the bank! However, I also need two new pieces of furniture—a dining room table and some living room chairs that don’t necessarily come cheap. So, I’m on the hunt! Read More

Five Home Design Tips That Won’t Have You Breaking The Bank!

Hello lovelies!

Last week, I announced that we were moving to Jersey City and in case you missed the hysterical video with my husband, watch here. He was so nervous!

So, in the spirit of a new apartment and of course a new look, I wanted to share my five home design tips that won’t have you breaking the bank!

Watch on and as always if you need these home decor tips have no fear I have listed them down below. Read More

5 Must Haves To Style Your Coffee Table!

If you follow me on Snapchat {Endlesslyelated} you know last weekend I picked up this cross base coffee table from West Elm. I had been looking for one for a while and finally found the right one! Yay! The things that get me excited, right?

So, I thought I’d share my top five must haves for styling your coffee table. I mean, everyone wants a stylish coffee table right?! Ha-ha! Read More

Styling the Perfect New Year’s Bar Cart!

Style the Perfect New Year's Bar Cart

The new year is five days away and I’m starting the festivities by styling my bar cart. When entertaining, having a designated place for cocktails is key and a bar cart is the perfect vessel to house all of my cocktail essentials. Everything from spirits to glasses can be perfectly styled and most importantly, can be the go-to place for guests to get their favorite cocktails made! Talk about being the hostess with the mostest! He-He! Read More

DIY Holiday Floral Arrangement!

Hi Lovelies

We are in full holiday swing and this month I’ll be bringing you some quick, easy tips on how to prep your home, tables and cocktails for none other than my favorite holiday, Christmas—Insert my happy dance! Read More

My Fall Home Décor Picks!

Fall Home Decor
Fall is here and changing your home décor to match the season is the perfect way to reflect the cooler weather. It’s all about being cozy and warm, so your home should be no exception. In the end, a little change always spices things up especially if it doesn’t break the bank. Now don’t go crazy. Stay within a neutral color scheme and pick heavier fabrics like cotton canvas, velvet or wool. These subtle changes are sure to make a world of a difference. Read More

Tricks to Styling Store Bought Flowers

Styling store bought flowers

What’s my guilty pleasure, you ask? Flowers! Flowers! And more flowers! They just instantaneously pretty up any room. However, my obsession can get pretty costly so I’ve found ways to not break the bank and still get what I want. Enter the grocery store blooms! Truth be told, they aren’t always in the best shape but they certainly fill the void plus a good size bunch will always run you less than $20 bucks! Read More

Peony Floral Arrangement!

Peony Floral Arrangement
I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I love fresh flowers. It is certainly my guilty pleasure and at least once a week I buy some from my local florist or supermarket. Whatever works! But there’s nothing that I look forward to more than peony season. They are my ultimate favorite and I will jump at any chance to get my hands on some. Read More

Valentine’s Day Blooms!


It’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with flowers and having some on Valentine’s Day is a no brainer. What I can’t come to terms with is paying an obscene amount of money for them. So, instead I picked up some fresh blooms over the weekend allowing myself to bring these lovelies home without burning through my wallet!  A win win situation, if you ask me! Read More

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