Host A Simple, Yet Fabulous Baby Shower!

Hosting a Baby Shower As you may already know from my Champagne and Juice Box Party post, my friends are dropping like flies and if you’re experiencing the same thing then you definitely understand that motherhood has officially won the battle against cocktails. Although, I must say my friends are still very much up for some late night drinks. Just not as often as it used to be. As for me, I’m all for it as long as one of them doesn’t ever utter the dreadful words, “I’ll pass on that cocktail!” Don’t you agree?! 

How To Host a Baby Shower
So, as we talk motherhood, my best friend, gave birth to the most precious baby girl (Congrats, Sol!), and when she asked me to host her baby shower, I immediately said yes. I know what you’re thinking, I will now tell you how excited I get to celebrate things but when one of my best friends is becoming a mother, being ecstatic is an understatement. “Over the moon and back” might paint a better picture. It was an honor to have been asked and as always I got right to planning à la event fashionista style.

Let the festivities begin!

The chosen theme, “Ari’s Bedtime Story Soirée!”

I wanted it to feel like guests had arrived to a very magical, whimsical place. Baby girl heaven. So, in trying to capture the very essence of my theme, I began with an all-white backdrop and accents of pinks. I needed to find a place with long, rectangular tables to serve as my “beds.” I would then use the table cloths as bed sheets folding one end over. After adding pillows, baby lambs and books I was well on my way.

Hosting a Babyshower
Hostess Tip:
The books/lambs were the perfect addition as they not only added to my whole bedtime story theme but also served as giveaways for guests with young children. Plus, I did some research for the best baby books. Practicality and design. Win! Win!

Of course, no table would be complete without some floral arrangements, which I kept quite simple. Hydrangeas in mason jars were the perfect fit! Creating place cards and signs were next on the agenda. I did these using Photoshop and then printed them out on my at home printer (let me know if you want a tutorial—super easy!). After all, it was a must to let guests know exactly what the festivities were. Baby shower was stating the obvious but Ari’s Bed Time Story along with “Shhh,It’s quiet time!” or “Night! Night!” signs brought it to a whole another level.

Baby Show Floral Arrangements Baby Shower Floral Arrangement

What’s next?! I had NY Cake Pops create the most beautiful cloud shaped pops I’ve ever seen. They were so cute!

Lastly but certainly not least, to bring the whole look and feel together I placed four 36’ inch balloons at different heights to create that heavenly touch I was going for. They were like big pink and white clouds floating in the air! It was perfect! My best friend was so happy and for that I’m forever grateful!

Baby Shower Cake Pops Baby Shower Theme Baby Shower Design Baby Shower Table Design Hosting a Baby Shower
So here’s a big ol’ cheers to all of you wonderful mothers out there. This world is a better place because you’re in it!



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Pillow Cases: Pottery Barn Kids//Baby Lamb: Pottery Barn Kids// Books: Barnes & Noble// Ballons: Pom Joy Fun {Etsy}//Gold Straws: Pom Joy Fun {Etsy}//Confetti: Confetti Girls {Etsy}//Mason Jars: Target//Cake Pops: NY Cake Pops

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