Host A Champagne and Juice Box Party! 

Host A Champagne and Juice Box Party
Like many of you, my friends are dropping like flies and becoming moms. Within my small group of friends three out of five of us already have kids {or are currently pregnant!} I know, crazy! And since I’m not quite there yet, what use to be cocktail hour {or days} hosted by little ol’ me have dwindle down to zilch!

So, I’m on a mission to do whatever it takes to keep cocktails flowing and my girlfriends celebrating!

Enter my brilliant idea {ha!} of hosting a juice box {for the kiddies} and champagne {for my girlfriends} P-A-R-T-A-E! Yes! If this means bringing the kids then so be it.

Here’s what I did!

For the kids I bought juice boxes (made of 100% real juice), organic animal crackers, and some yummy cotton candy. One sugary treat, I promise! To make it more kid friendly, I shaped the cotton candy into balls and inserted a skewer to emulate the oh, so popular lollipop! The kids were thrilled!

As for my girlfriends, I bought some decadent macaroons, strawberry shortcake and of course some champagne. It’s all about indulging ladies!

And since I design a la event fashionista, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t style it up! So, with my Pink Paislee’s party kit on hand {picked this up at Home Goods}, I was well on my way!

Host A Champagne and Juice Box Party
Not to fear–need some stylish party supplies for your next soirée, head over to for the cutest party décor!—Oh, and stay tuned for an upcoming post including a special discount for all my readers!

All in all, I must say, the party was equally delightful for both mommies and kiddies alike! Would you not agree?!

So the next time, your girlfriends are slacking on the cocktail side of things, invite them over and plan a juice box and champs party! It is sure to be a hit!

Hope this continues to inspire you to fashionably entertain!

Host A Champagne and Juice Box Party Host A Champagne and Juice Box Party Host A Champagne and Juice Box Party Host A Champagne and Juice Box Party Host A Champagne and Juice Box Party
Until next time!



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