Host a Halloween Gathering!

Hosting a Halloween Party
Halloween is almost here and we are super excited to be celebrating! It is my best friend’s favorite holiday so we can not and I mean can not disappoint.

Just last week she called me to ensure that there was an invitation coming her way. So, because we’ve been friends for over 20 years I know that’s code for, if you haven’t planned anything here’s the hint!

Halloween Party Ideas
I politely said, “Of course! I was just about to call you!” And because she knows me for 20 years, she laughed and politely said, “Glad I reminded you!” Haha! I just love her!

Okay, so as you already know my best friends have kids (or are currently pregnant). Out of a group of five, it’s just my best friend Christine and I that don’t have any—Hold on tight, Christine! So, when I’m now entertaining I have to put my kid friendly hat on, unless of course I’m hosting an adults only party, which my friends are all about.

But when Sweet Katy Lane reached out to partner up, I thought it was the perfect idea as their products totally allow me to include the kiddies, which to be honest I love! Their faces are priceless when they get yummy treats from the cool aunt—that would be me!

So this weekend, I hosted them since the kids go out trick or treating and all that good stuff on the actual day.

Halloween Party
Here’s what I did!

I used my bar cart to style up all the details—from the Happy Halloween banner to the decorative cups and straws to the, oh so stylish goodie bags. These were a perfect way to send the kids home happy, so I filled them up with lots and lots of candy. Get ready my friends, the sugar rush is here to stay!

Oh, and there was no way I forgot the adults. I strategically used my bar cart because at the bottom I stored the adult treats—beer and wine that is! It was a perfect evening with my friends and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

And because Sweet Katy Lane helped me put this gathering together (Thanks guys!) they are giving you all a 15% off discount on any product of your choosing. So head on over there, use boo_15 (promo code; until Oct. 17th) at checkout and host your very own! Can’t wait to see all the pics.

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Until next time, keep entertaining.





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