Host a Movie Night!

Host a Movie Night

From time to time, I’ve been known to host a movie night for family and friends. It’s a fun way to spend a night in especially with the weather trends that we’ve been seeing on the east coast. Definitely looking forward to the spring!

Host a Movie Night

So it’s no surprise that with all the hosting comes a wonderful spread. This particular time it was pretty simple since it was just my husband and I. But generally speaking it’s all about the options. Allowing your guests to pick and choose what they like. Having an array of goodies. And don’t stop there! Serve some festive wine and/or cocktails as well. Complete perfection!

Host a Movie Night Host a Movie Night
Here are the items I included and some ideas for future shindigs!

1. Different assortments of popcorn. Sometimes I’ve gone the extra mile and setup a full on popcorn bar. This is always a crowd pleaser.

2. Lots of candies. Gummies, raisinets, chocolate bars, etc. Any candy will do! So pick your favorites. Don’t be shy!

3. Wine/cocktails. Drink up.  And next time take it up a notch and compliment the foods you serve by pairing them with your favorite spirits. As an example, chocolate covered raisins with red wine (like a Rioja). Something sweet (like a Riesling) with salty, buttery popcorn. It’s all about the balance in flavors!

4. Movie options. I usually choose comedies as those are widely enjoyed by most and allows for a fun night!

Host a Movie Night Host a Movie Night

Hope you all host your own and as always share your pictures by using the hashtag #eventfashionista!

Happy entertaining!

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