Host A Non-Traditional Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving will be here in one week’s time and as we begin to create our own traditions, the good ol’ turkey might not make the cut. I know, some of you might think I’m insane but it’s simply true! You can totally host a non-traditional P-A-R-T-A-E and be the stylish hostess that you are while doing it! Shall we say, you’ll be the big hit on the block? Or hosting the best Friendsgivng anyone’s ever attended? I’d say so!

Here are some non-traditional ideas that will get your entertaining juices flowing!

1. Host A Take Out Soiree—Yes, this is the perfect no fuss kind of celebration. You invite everyone over, place one big order from your favorite restaurant (you can even do this in advance) sit around in lounge wear (totally acceptable), open some bottles of wine and enjoy! Thanksgiving at it’s finest!

2. Host A Thanksgiving Vacation/Staycation—The perfect time to get away with friends and family. Substitute the turkey for a cocktail on the beach. Too last minute, then stay close and have a fabulous staycation. Perhaps booking a NYC hotel room and treating yourself to an amazing weekend. Now that sounds heavenly!

3. Host an Italian Feast or a French-Inspired Meal—Who says we have to stick to just turkey and stuffing. Change it up. Why not make an amazing cheesy lasagna or serve some artisan cheese alongside buttery croissants. Plus a few bottles of Italian or French wine and you are sure to be the hostess with the mostest!

4. Host a Thanksgiving Night out—You can play hostess anywhere and why not do so by planning a fancy evening out. Pick out that restaurant you’ve been dying to go to, make reservations, tell your guests to dress up and then hit the town. This thanksgiving idea will save everyone the endless hours of preparation that go into hosting a traditional thanksgiving dinner. Trust me they’ll be thankful!

5. Host Thanksgiving Your Way!—This is the best option of all. If that means doing nothing at all then so be it. If it means staying in pajamas all day while watching the games even better. It’s a day meant to spend with family and friends and being grateful while doing so. So in all honesty, any, which way you want to spend it, is surely to be the right option!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, event fashionistas! Whether traditional or not, I have no doubt it will be lovely! Cheers to the holiday!

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