Hosting a Guys Night In!

Hosting a Guys Night
From time to time my husband gathers his friends and hosts a guys night in.  And given that I’m his wife, he often seeks (who am I kidding)… I  often offer up my unsolicited advice. I can’t help myself, I live for this stuff! 

Hosting a Guys Night Hosting a Guys Night
So here’s a synopsis of our usual conversation:

Him: “Babe it’s just a couple of guys coming over. We don’t need so much hoopla.”

Me: “Babe, it’s not hoopla.”

Him: “Guys don’t care for that stuff, but fine if you want to do it, go ahead.”

Me: “Okay!” {Pretending to be oblivious to the situation at hand}

Hosting a Guys Night Hosting a Guys Night Hosting a Guys Night

Now, of course, guys don’t care for the styling or design of the bar. It’s the attention to detail that most of them don’t pick up on but certainly enjoy. You know, it’s the beer dispenser that serves frothy beers rather than having bottled ones. It’s the top shelf scotch that gets washed down by salty peanuts or sweet chocolate. It’s the ice balls that keep the whiskey or bourbon at the right temperature before allowing them to release their intense flavors. {Don’t forget to use these tips when hosting the boys}.

So, yes I agree guys don’t need all the hoopla but truth be told they certainly love it!

Therefore, the next time your husband, boyfriend, guy friend wants to entertain show them how a true event fashionista does it! Style it up and do your thang!

Hosting a Guys Night Hosting a Guys Night

Happy entertaining lovelies!

P.S. Love you babe!

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  • I couldn’t agree more! As a newly-wed I’ve been really excited when we’ve had guests over – whether its a mixed group or just the guys. I don’t go crazy with making things look cute when it’s just the guys but I still like to be a good hostess and make things look nice.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Congrats on your wedding and happy entertaining!

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