My Top Six Must Haves For Hosting The Ultimate Pool Party!

hosting the ultimate pool party
Hello Lovelies! Summer is well underway and while I haven’t been taking full advantage of the pool at my building (need to work on that!) I figured I’d do some daydreaming of hosting a pool party and perhaps inspire some of you to get your hostess on.

Here are my top six must haves for hosting the ultimate pool party!

1. Decorative Towels—every pool party needs towels and instead of requiring guests to bring their own you can provide decorative ones, which will make for perfect parting gifts. Place them in a designated area for guests to grab and use.

2. Fashionable floaties—what pool party would be complete without these? If you want to have an ‘Instagrammable’ party then having some of these floating around in your pool is a must!

3. Drink station—Any pool party deserves a place where both adults and children can hydrate themselves, or least the kiddies can. Wink! Wink! Make self-serve drinks that your guests can just help themselves to. Gather some festive pitchers and make a summery mango sangria for the adults and a refreshing lemonade for the kiddies. Perfection!

Hostess tip: Although, I normally opt to stay away from anything plastic the last thing you need is some catastrophe at the pool. So in this case, acrylic drink and dinnerware is the way to go. Or at least be strategic about what is glass or ceramic! For example, cups, acrylic. Decorative plate for finger foods, ceramic or glass. Make sense?

4. Make a simple menu—Finger foods, snacks and fruit are the way to go. Ensure to place them on decorative platters that match the vibe of your party and you’ll be well on your way.

5. Create a shaded area—A big patio umbrella will do the trick. This allows your guests to escape the sun when needed and take a little breather.

6. Lastly and certainly not least, an unbeatable playlist. Get those summer jams out and get the party started!

Hope this inspires you to do a little shopping for some of these essentials and host your very own pool party! Oh yeah, and then invite me! ☺

Until next time.



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