Seven Tips On Hosting An Amazing Housewarming Party!

You just bought a house, condo, or co-op and you are ready to entertain. After all that’s what we do best, right?! Here are seven tips on getting your hostess on and throwing the best housewarming party ever!

1. Unpack everything. Just kidding! Moving into a house is craziness and the best plan of attack is to unpack as much as possible in your dining room, living room and kitchen. This is the area where your guests will be eating, drinking and conversing. So, having this as ready as possible is the way to go. Put your focus here and the remaining boxes, rooms can wait. Besides no one ever expects you to move in and be done in a hot second!

2. Send out invites about a month in advance! Doing evites is totally acceptable, since it’s an easy and efficient solution.

3. Keep the food simple. Light appetizers, finger foods, and store bought desserts is the way to go. Think BBQ, cheese and crackers and of course, a variety of spirits. Wine and beer anyone?!

4. Décor. All you will need is a styled bar cart for your drinks and fresh, luscious flowers for your food area. These two things can transform any room from shabby to chic. Need some help styling your bar cart? Here are some tips that will help you!

5. Don’t forget to register. This is a tricky one. I always say why not. People will definitely ask. However, don’t include your registry in your invite. You just want to be ready in case your best friend calls you up and says, “Hey girl, are you registered? What do I get you?”

6. Don’t be afraid to take them around. Yes, the rooms aren’t done but giving a house tour while explaining your plans is totally acceptable. These are your friends and family. They are excited for you and eventually seeing your vision come to life will be that much more rewarding!

7. Lastly but certainly not least, don’t forget to send thank you cards! Thanking your guests for sharing this moment with you is a must. So, get some pretty ones like these Thank You Cards Variety Pack or these Merci Gold Dots Thank You Cards and handwrite your way through them. Have fun!

Need more inspiration? I’ve created a Pinterest board to keep the housewarming party ideas going.


Happy Pinning!

As always, if you need anything else like food recipes, cocktail recipes, tabletop tips let me know.

Hope this helps prepare you for your upcoming housewarming party!

Till next time!



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