How To Grow Your Instagram Following!

Recently, I was featured on Sparkle and Bliss’s Blog talking all about Instagram ! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity. Thanks a million Zahira!

Sparkle and Bliss is a  company, which offers creative workshops for wedding entrepreneurs that want to create a life and business they love! Ah-mazing!

In case you missed the article, kick up your heels and read on! 

Instagram is a phenomenon, right?! I mean who doesn’t love it! I certainly do, but in an already overpopulated social media outlet how do we grow? How do we get to our audience? What’s the good ole’ family secret?!

Well, I know what you are thinking…“Tell me! Tell me!”

But unfortunately, like in the realm of business there is no “top secret” on being successful but rather it takes hard work and dedication. Trust me, you’ve got to hustle! Don’t believe me?! Let me tell you my story.

I started an event planning business, which very early on I realized I didn’t have a passion for. Something was missing and then I had an aha moment! It wasn’t the logistics or the production or even the turnout that got me going but rather what I LOVED most was the CELEBRATION of it all. Celebrating life’s great moments! And better yet celebrating life’s everyday moments! It was and still is the core essence of who I am and yet I couldn’t believe I had actually missed the mark. For as long as I could remember, I celebrated everything. Even as a little girl, I’d push my mom’s bar cart around, dressed to the nines, and shouting from the rooftops that “entertaining” was the name of my game!

So I promptly followed my gut, stopped booking events, dubbed myself an entertaining stylist and became a content creator, blogger and YouTuber. Teaching, inspiring, and showing my readers how to live an Endlessly Elated life! How to fashionably dress themselves, their homes, and of course their soirées. It was perfect!

How to Style your Bagel Bar


My brand, which was thriving on Instagram came to a screeching halt. I began to lose followers and I couldn’t figure out why. Then, I started implementing these five essential tactics and things have steadily turned around!

1. Consistency—This is everything! Posting frequently will keep you top of mind. It will inherently create your voice, your vision, and your aesthetic. Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagr and just drooled over all their pictures?! Read their verbiage and immediately thought, “Oh, we could totally be friends?” Darling, that’s consistency wrapped up in a pretty bow! Consistent vision. Consistent aesthetic. Consistent voice. Let it be your mantra!

2. Authenticity—Be yourself! There’s only one of you and that alone makes you stand out. Think of how many of “me” there are out there? You know, the lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, content creator kinds. A million and one, but the truth is there is space for everyone (especially if this is your calling) so being authentic and genuine will reel them in.

3. Socialize—It is social media after all. Engaging is a must! Build those relationships. Build that community. Start commenting, answering questions, and double tapping. Nothing gives you insight to what your audience wants than actually listening to them! Oh yeah, and let’s not forget.. back to tactic number one: Consistently socializing is key!

4. Provide value—What does your audience need? Why are they following you? What can you provide? Many a times business owners ask before they give. The good ole’ follow me here, read my blog there, buy this or sign up for that. Before doing that create trust, give them what they need and I promise once you do, you won’t even need to ask!

5. Be Patient—Everything takes time. I know that’s not what you want to hear but things just don’t happen over night. Great things are made up of tiny, tiny steps that are consistently (there’s that word again!) being worked on. So hustle, hustle and know that your time will come!

6. Always keep up with the logistics—Have a cohesive, clear bio. Research quality, relatable hashtags. Cross-promote with likeminded businesses. Host contests and/or giveaways.

Styling your Cheese Platter

I hope these useful tactics will help you as much as they’ve helped me! Now go on, post that very first picture with a purpose! Good luck, lovelies! I’m sure you will all rock!



P.S. I’m always asking you guys for feedback! If you want more articles like this, let me know!

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