I Quit My Job! Here Are The Five Steps That Prepped Me!

1. Making Sure Quitting Was The Correct Choice!

For me, making sure I quit my job was step number 1. I wanted to ensure that leaving my job wasn’t something that arose because I had one bad work day or because my job wasn’t “fun.” Pursuing my passion, my dreams was a no brainer but I needed to make sure that I was quitting for the right reasons. That the decision was coming from a place of clarity and not from a fantasy of what I thought it would be like—enter social media and all its highlight reels. I spent almost five years contemplating it. Week in and week out, telling anyone that would lend me an ear, that I would quit one day. That this passion of mine wasn’t a hobby. That it was something I would turn into a profitable business. And looking back, the fact that five years later my passion and work ethic for it has never (and still hasn’t) gone away is a good enough reason to take a chance on it. So, I finally did it. I quit!

2. Be Realistic!

Once I made the decision to quit I had to realistically understand what that meant. I needed to ground myself and completely grasp that owning my own business wouldn’t equate to sitting back and collecting boat loads of cash. The reality is that I would need to work harder than I ever had. That my hustle would translate into a job where I would work Monday- Sunday from the moment I got up to the minute I fell asleep. That my livelihood depended solely on me and that even if I tried my hardest, succeeding was and IS NOT guaranteed. That’s reality, all right.

3. Let The Haters Go To Hell!

Yup, that’s right! I had finally gotten to a place where I had the courage to utter the words to the person that mattered most, my boss—why? Because resigning was the only thing that would make it real! And with those two simple words (“I quit”) I opened the flood gates for the opinions of those who didn’t matter. I can honestly and gratefully say that I didn’t receive any negative feedback with the exception of one woman who was more concerned on how my husband allowed me to do such a thing than pretty much anything else—insert eye roll and a silent “Go to hell!”  Truth be told, no real energy should ever be spent on such people, but I say mentally we must prepare ourselves. We must stay present with how hard this decision was and how much we will sacrifice for it, so because of that the haters must simply go to hell.

4. Have A Plan!

I spent about a year planning and another 6 months (currently still in the midst of this) after I gave in my resignation. I planned financially. Calculated how many dollars I would need to continue my current lifestyle without the help of anyone else. I specifically planned this way because I didn’t want this decision to burden anyone around me. I’m grateful to have the support of my husband, family and friends (my best friend even told me I could go live with her… rent free!) but this decision was mine and therefore I believed that the responsibility should solely be mine as well. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I need (or you need) help by all means rely on those that are willing to help but don’t plan for it in that manner. Go in thinking,  “If I had to survive on my own (i.e. my current monthly costs) how would I go about doing it?” Having a plan doesn’t only mean financially. It also means mentally. For me, things like can I really work from home all by myself week in and week out? How will I structure my days? Will I commit myself to a number of hours a day? And so on are all things I planned for.

5. Scratch Everything, Put Your Head Down And Work!

I quit. I grounded myself in reality. I told the haters to shove it and I planned, planned and planned some more. So, now the only thing left was to understand that not everything will go as planned (ha!), that I need to work harder than I ever have and to just go out and do. Execute! Execute! Execute! I like to call it the horse race. I’ve got my blinders on. I’m not looking right or left. I’m merely just running full steam ahead.

A huge thank you to all of you who reached out with your encouraging words and endless support. I am eternally grateful to call you all my friends! As I said in my video, I want to be your support system—this friendship does work both ways—so if there is anything you need from me please let me know.

Until next time.




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    Such a wonderful + honest post! Thank you so much for sharing some personal things and for all the great advice. I’m in the same boat now. Takes real courage and dedication to pursue your passion as a business, and without a doubt with all your talent and charisma, you are going to soar! Wishing you endless success + happiness + support!!! xo Kyranna

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