Let’s be Merry! Christmas Tree Reveal!

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My husband and I have a tradition that the day after Thanksgiving we go to a, not so near, tree farm and cut one down! To be honest, I think the tradition started due to my obsession with Christmas. After all, my husband knows that I try to be polite to Thanksgiving but the second it strikes midnight, Santa officially makes his mark!

So, this year was no different. Friday afternoon while everyone was “le” shopping we were busy decorating our beautiful Christmas tree! Yay, to the holidays! Hope I made you, event fashionistas, proud!

Christmas Tree

Here are a few tips on how I decorate my Christmas tree:

1. Choose a color scheme. I usually maintain a classic look when it comes to my tree so I went with whites, creams and hues of different metallics.

2. Swirl your lights from top to bottom.

3. Always and I mean always do step two with the lights ON. This will allow you to see how you are threading your lights throughout your tree and ensure you don’t miss any spots.  Even distribution is key! It will also ensure your lights are working before you begin using them.

Christmas Tree

4. When placing ornaments, keep children in mind. Ensure delicate, fragile ornaments are placed near the top and out of reach.

5. Water your tree every day, especially on day one. It will nearly take about a gallon of water depending on the size of your tree.

Christmas Tree

6. To keep your tree fresh add a bit of Ginger Ale or Sprite. The carbonation keeps your tree alive for a longer period of time and nothing looks prettier than a healthy tree.

7. Get your event fashionista on by fashionably decorating your tree! Make it your own!

Christmas Tree

Happy styling lovelies!

Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario

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