A Full Interview With The Man Behind Endlessly Elated, My Husband Al!

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I often get asked, whether it’s through social media or email, an array of “behind the scenes questions.” Questions like what camera do we use or where do we find our inspiration or which programs we edit in. So, I thought well what better way than to address your questions by asking the man behind Endlessly Elated. The technical guru behind my pictures, videos, and website.

Without further ado…drum roll please… I hand it over to my amazing husband, Al!

Q: Cindy asks, “What camera do you use and why? Any camera recommendations for beginners?”

A: “The camera I use is the Sony A7ii. The quality is amazing and can hold its own against all the big named cameras, like Nikons and Canons. However, it’s a lot lighter and smaller than standard DSLRs so it is really easy to carry around. For beginners, I always recommend the Sony A6000 because it’s cheap in comparison. It’s around 500 bucks. Also, you can interchange the lenses and truthfully I know photographers who use professionally. It’s a great camera.”


Q:  Cindy also asks, “What programs do you use for editing pictures and videos?”

A: “I edit photos in Adobe Lightroom and videos in Adobe Premiere. Also, when taking photos with my IPhone, I edit using VSCO cam [a photo app].”


Q: Patty asks, “How often do you Photoshop pictures? Be truthful.”

K: “Yes, please tell them that no matter how many times I’ve asked you to get rid of my double chin, the answer has always been no! Tell them.” [Uncontrollable laughter]

A: “I would truthfully say I Photoshop pictures once in a while. An example, being a food photo where the plate is dirty. I will go in and get rid of what isn’t suppose to be there. However, when it comes to Kat, I might have done it once. More, because she threatened my life and a happy wife, is a happy life [Laughing]. Nope, never. She doesn’t even have a double chin!”


K: “Yes, I do! But don’t worry. I’m working on getting rid of it [Laughing], but I see what you’re doing. Scoring those points!”

Q: Christina asks, “How is it working with your wife? What’s the best and worst thing about it?”

K: “Answer wisely!”

A: “Working with Kat is great. She’s my wife, my PIC [partner in crime]. The best thing is we get to work together and be fully creative. The worst thing [Pauses. I ask why the pause, laughing]. Hold on, I’m trying to think. The worst thing is that she’s incredibly stubborn and wants everything her way, even if at the end she realizes that I was right and it could have gone much smoother.”

K: “He’s right. I can’t fight that!”


Q: Margie asks, “Are you also working on Endlessly Elated Full-Time?”

A: “No.”

K: “That’s it! A man of a few words.”

A: “No, I don’t. I co-own a creative agency called Pix-l Graphx and a real estate technology company called MasonRE. On nights and weekends, I work on all things Endlessly Elated and run a photography business on being a foodie. Follow me @alcides.eats [Shameless plug].”


Q: Julie asks, “Of all the photo shoots done for Endlessly Elated, which has been your favorite and why?”

A: “Umm, my favorite shoot was our very first fashion shoot. The one we did by Hamilton Park before we even moved into Jersey City. Reason being it was the first time I shot fashion and although it’s not my expertise, I really enjoyed it and can now see how much we’ve improved.”


Q: She also asks, “How do you resist not eating the food you photograph?”

A: “I don’t. I eat everything in sight. It’s the best thing about the job! Plus, when we’re done I love to un-style Kat’s shoots and take messy food photos. My favorite!”


Q: Dana asks, “What are your style must haves and why?”

K: “I love it. Some fashion questions.”

A: [Smirking and smiling] “I’d say a crisp white collared shirt, a nice watch, and a sleek pair of shoes.”

K: “And your wedding ring, no?” [Hysterically laughing]


Q:  Lourdes, asks “If you and Kathleen could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?”

A: “If, I were to live anywhere in the world, where and why? Umm, that’s so hard, but if I had to pick a place I’d say Spain because I love the history, the culture, and definitely the food. Vale!

And last question,

Q: Mike asks, “Hypothetically, if someone gave you an antique scale, what would you do with it?

A: [Uncontrollable laughter and no response]

Let me explain that last question. Here’s the background. One of Al’s clients had a ginormous antique scale that he was getting rid of and Al being a complete history buff, thought it would be the perfect addition to our new apt. So, he brought it home. I took one look at it and I was like, “Umm what is that?” He explained and I basically was like, “Yeah but no!”

So, of course in true boy code, Al texted Mike who completely agreed that it was an amazing piece and should be kept. The idea of it being a stand to put plants on even made its way into their conversation. Needless to say, it’s still in our apt. See babe, you do win some. Caveat, is that it’s in our second bedroom…in hiding. Ha-Ha! So, the running joke between Mike and Al is basically torturing me on that ridiculous scale. I’ll get them back one day, just wait and see!

Alright, lovelies. We had so much fun answering these. Literally could not stop laughing. Hope you enjoyed getting to know the man behind Endlessly Elated and if you have any other questions for him, leave them in the comments below.

Until next time.



P.S. Picture was taken by my amazing friend and photographer, Jose Ruiz. You can follow his awesomeness @JoseRuizPhoto or on his website www.joseruizphotography.com

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