Meet The Oh, So Fashionable Melissa Ruta!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Mel

Upon arriving at her home we were greeted with pure warmth and excitement. Not to mention she was ready to rock and roll looking fashionable and fabulous as always. Having known Melissa for many years (we won’t say how many so we don’t date each other) she has always been the ultimate hostess! So, naturally when I was trying to identify my pick her name shot right to the top of the list!

Oh and did we mention, she just became a mom! Yes! She’s so that woman I aspire to look like if I ever have children. You know, the kind that get ready while feeding their baby and still manage to not have a hair out of place. Jelly!

We sat down with Mel to chit chat about her hostess’ secrets and boy did she have some yummy ones to share. See the juicy deets down below! 

Q. What does being an event fashionista mean to you?

A. To me being an event fashionista means putting a little oomph into it! Having a little extra pep in my step! Whether I’m hosting a formal dinner party or having a casual pizza night ensuring my entertaining space looks stylish and my guests feel welcomed guarantees for an unforgettable night!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Mel

Q. What best describes your entertaining style? Your fashion style? 

A. This is such a tough question! I sway two ways in both entertaining and fashion. I either stick with warm colors and natural materials or opt for a simple, yet clean look. You can never go wrong with sleek, right?! If I had to give my style a name I would call it Rustic Elegance. That seems like the right mix of words. I mean just look at my home and my outfit!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Mel

Q. Your go to item when hosting a party, your favorite entertaining accessory?

A. This is a no brainer, cake stands!!! I think I have 11 and counting. They come in all different shapes & sizes and I use them for a variety of things.  For starters, I love serving guests family style meals but sometimes when space becomes limited I place a couple of side dishes on cake stands. This gives me more room to play with and serves as a fashionable way to display the goodies. {Tip~ it also allows me and my guests the luxury of not having to get up for seconds, it’s all on the table}. I’ve also been known to use my cake stands to place small vases filled with flowers, serve pizzas on my larger cake stands and well I also use them for their actual purpose—cakes!  Want a fashionable look, top it off with a dome and voilà! Super chic!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Mel

Q. Advice tidbit for future event fashionistas?

A. Preparation is everything!! SO, BE PREPARED! Entertaining should be fun and easy and having a few key essentials will allow you to host at the drop of a dime. For me, having a few bottles of wine, some of the hard stuff and some finger foods (like nuts, cheeses, and/ or crackers) can really transform an unexpected encounter into a fashionable soiree. My last item, which I always keep on hand, are “fancy” paper goods. I get mine at Target!  And there you have it, an impromptu fiesta hosted by a fabulous event fashionista!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Mel

Come on, share some more!

Q. Your proudest moment?

A. This may come off as extremely cliché but it’s simply the truth!  Becoming a mom is more than I could have ever dreamt of! It is sincerely an indescribable feeling and I can’t imagine anything that I am more proud of. Yes, it’s been fabulous cooking and entertaining for those nearest and dearest to my heart (and I still thoroughly enjoy it) but these days it’s all about entertaining the little man in my life. I seriously dream of the day when he asks me to make him his favorite meal or the day he tells his future Mrs. ” my mom makes the best… EVERYTHING! (Insert- Mel’s contagious chuckle!)

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Mel

Q. A fun fact people don’t know about you?

A. Errrrr, I never know how to answer these questions. They are so hard! I’m pretty much an open book but if I must answer the question I’d have to say that it’s playing the lottery every week.  It’s all about a dollar and a dream, right?!? No judgment, please!

Q. Ultimate guilty pleasure? 

A. Food!  I’m literally obsessed! Eating it, talking about it, and definitely preparing it. To be honest, I even dream about it! It literally consumes most of free my time and energy and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Q. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A. Now that I’m a new mom people love giving me tons of advice, even when I don’t necessarily ask for it. I guess it comes with the territory, right?! These days, I’m taking everyone up on the whole “soak it all in because kids grow up so quickly.” Well, this is as true for kids as it is for adults. People aren’t here forever so celebrate life with those you love. Live in the moment and cherish every memory!

Q. Pick! Pick! Who should be the next Event Fashionista?

A. Vanessa Deleon, you are up! Show them what you’re working with!

Event Fashionista Series- Meet Mel

Thanks my dear Mel for all your insight! It was amazing to sit down with you over that glass of wine or two!  And as I was sure, you didn’t disappoint! You are truly an event fashionista!

{Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario}

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  • Christine

    Melissa is one of the most fab fab fabulous women I know. Having been lucky enough to taste her home cookin… Was a pleasure and a warm welcoming event!! Her home is beautiful and just as eclectic as she is. Lucky to have Jason and now little Anthony has propelled Melissa to become the woman she is today. I love spending countless hours with Melissa always winding up with one more fabulous idea!! I Love this girl!! Great representation of Melissa Ruta!!

  • I really enjoyed this series. Her style is nice!!! Love this!!

    Andrea Fenise

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