Mother’s Day Flowers—DIY Style!

Hello lovelies!

Today we are talking Mother’s Day. It’s less than a week away and I know many of you are hunting for ideas on what to get your moms. Well, have no fear! Mother’s Day flowers are always top of mind (at least at the top of my mind) but of course with the holiday come the spike in prices. Frustrating, I know!

So, I’m here to show you how to avoid all that nonsense and get you the cutest, most Instagram-able Mother’s Day flowers and packaging you can find. Better yet make!

Watch this quick Mother’s Day video to learn how!

Need the written steps, here you go! Let the DIY-ing begin!


  1. Fresh store bought flowers—I buy mine at Trader Joe’s
  2. Gift wrapping paper
  3. Tissue Paper
  4. Ribbon or Twine, whichever you prefer


DIY Steps:

  1. Cut wrapping paper about a foot and a half long and two feet wide
  2. Fold wrapping paper in half at an angle
  3. Repeat same steps for tissue paper—preferably two layers
  4. Cut flowers to desired size—I usually just leave as is or trim the bottoms by half an inch
  5. Place flowers in the middle and fold each end creating a cone around the flowers
  6. Tie with ribbon or twine
  7. Add tag if desired

That’s it my friends. For roughly $30 bucks, yes $30 bucks I created the most fashionable Mother’s day flowers ever! Super cute and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Hope this DIY video gets you inspired to get out there and do this for your mom!

Happy Mother’s Day lovelies! May you spend it eating, drinking and laughing surrounded by loved ones!



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