Top Ten Must Haves for Christmas Entertaining

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‘Tis the season for lots of stylish entertaining! With Christmas around the corner, having the right hosting essentials are a must. After all, we are stylish hostesses, right?!

So, I thought I’d help by compiling a list of my top ten must have items. Here’s to grabbing ‘hosting’ by the face and showing her who’s boss!

Let’s get started!

1. Monogrammed Cake Stand: Because if you’re going to have dessert it must be styled to perfection. Cake stands are a great way to showcase an amazing dessert but also work when serving appetizers like empanadas and/or croquettes. An item that has a dual purpose is a definite must and this monogrammed one is just outright fabulous!

2. Cheese Knives: Every stylish hostess needs a set of cheese knives. Putting out a quick cheese platter for your Christmas party is a must and having the right cutting utensils is essential. Keeping up with the fashion trends, why not buy these gold ones.

3. Scalloped Edge Plates: Stay classic. Go for white dinner plates, which will match any color décor. Plus, white dishes can be used for other entertaining shindigs. A win, win if you ask me! It’s always about being fashionable but practical at the same time.

4. Gold Flatware: Skip the silver and go for the gold. Gold flatware is nothing short of perfection especially when used for a holiday table. These Target ones are affordable and chic!

5. Wine Glasses: Oh, how I love thee! Wine glasses are all the rave and having stylish ones are a definite must. My go to ones are these Crate and Barrel wine glasses. Ever since Olivia Pope brought these onto the scene, they have been my, “I can’t live without these” glasses. Bring on the compliments, people!

6. Champagne Glasses: What holiday festivity goes without champagne, right? So, to keep a cohesive look (and because I’m just out right obsessed) I’d pick up the same kind but this time in the form of flutes. Cin, Cin, amigas!

Hostess Tip: When it comes to buying plates, flatware and glasses, I say at least buy eight of each kind/set. Ten preferably. This will allow you to have enough in case any unexpected guests show up or if worse, something shatters. Better to be over prepared than under prepared, right?!

7. Festive Napkins: If you want to add a pop of color, here’s where you can do it in a subtle way. Go for a dark green or a deep red. Going for a more classic color pallet (usually my choice) then do a crème napkin with a festive design. A little shimmer can’t hurt either!

8. Gold Napkin Rings: Part of dressing up your table is dressing up your napkins. So,let’s grab those napkin rings and bring your whole Christmas look together.

9. Carving Set: At every holiday soirée,  a carving set goes without saying. Whether it’s for the ham, turkey, and/or chicken, it is surely a necessity. A good one will be a bit pricey, but you can’t host a party without it, so consider it an investment!

Lastly but certainly not least,

10. Serving Tray: Here’s where you serve the star of the show (again insert ham, turkey, or chicken—whichever you prefer). This item also has dual purpose as both the main meal and side dishes can be served using these kinds of platters.

Okay, event fashionistas now that you are all equipped and ready to go, go host the best Christmas party ever! Hope your holidays are filled with family, friends, and lots of love and laughter!

May you have a merry, merry Christmas!




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